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New Canaan Winter Club

Group Skating

2019-2020 Class Recommendations

This list is based on badge(s) passed during the 2018-19 season.  If skaters have continued their skating over the summer and have passed additional levels, please notify Christi Jones and register your child for the appropriate class based on their CURRENT badge level.  All skaters will be re-evaluated in class during the first 2 weeks of the season to determine proper level.

Advanced Skating/Masters:

 (Pre req. - Passed Free Skate 2)

Kate Barnard

Camilla Calderwood

Caylee Colaneri

Caroline Ethridge

Bridget Flatow

Maddie Fredericks

Laura Haley

Liza Merrill

Hilary Miller

Lucy Millones

Macy Millones

Georgia Saxe

Keeley Strine

Amanda Vigano

Jenna Vigano


Senior: Pre Free Skate (PF), FS 1 

(Pre req. - Passed Basic 6)

Frances Chandor

Maren Frey

Isabella Gaumer

Berkeley Holland

Camryn Lee

Lauryn Lee


Junior: Some Basic 5 and 6  

(Pre req. - Passed Basic 4 & some 5)

Katya Bank

Emma Barnard

Hadley Clough

Lyla Cody

Emily Fonner

Margot Frey

Paige Morgan

Clare O’Brien

Preliminary:  Badge 4 and some 5 

(Pre req. - Passed Basic 3)

Emily “Bertie” Brandt

Brooke Bisesi

Olivia Gaumer

Edie Goodyear

Emma Grzymski

Tenley Jones

Daley Keogh

Taylor Kern

Ava Magliacano

Lily Magliacano

Molly Stimpson

Ainsley Taliercio

Ashley Teles

Stella Vartanian


Intermediate:  Basic 2 and 3

(Pre req. - Passed Basic 1)

Harry Benett

Caroline DiBiasio

Elizabeth Drapkin

Clementine DuPont

Avery Gargiulo

Adriana Komisarek

Elizabeth Liebau

Chloe Magliacano

Mia Magliacano *

Riley Newport

Emily Roddy

Sophia Roddy

Addy Smith

Kimber Sparks

Caroline Stimpson




Learn to Skate 3: Basic 2

Blake Beuerlein

Cassidy Colaneri

Matthew DiBiasio

Peter Dunkin

Cecilia Giacalone

Graham Knowles

Teddy Rotchford

Beatrice Martin

Lucy McCullough

Cooper Morgan

Quincy Savage

Cal Susanin

Lila Taliercio


Learn to Skate 2:  Basic 1

William Bartone

Ryan Ives

Brody Hoffman

Cole Hoffman

Brendan Joyce

Evelyn Komisarek

Luke Pozatek

Georgia Martin

Reese McCullough

Kathryn McMahon

Boden Savage


Learn to Skate 1:

Anna Baird

Hockey Skating Skills:

(Prerequisite: Basic 2)

Hunter Mackey

Kelly Hiraman

Adriana Komisarek

Kimber Sparks

Liam Vincent

Brooks Wingate

Hayes Zorumski

Emily Clark

Matthew DiBiasio

Peter Dunkin

Brody Hoffman

Cole Hoffman

Holden Holland

Ryan Ives

Brendan Joyce

Graham Knowles

Lucy McCullough

Luke Pozatek

Lila Taliercio