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District 6 Tournament Format 2018

Pool Setup:
Divisions having 10 or more teams we will have 2 pools (A & B). With 9 or fewer in a division the teams will be comprised of a single pool. The pools will be assembled by random draw at a presidents’ meeting prior to the start of the

NOTE: Divisions with 2 or 3 teams will go to a STANDARD double elimination tournament to decide the District Champion. Seeding will be decided by a random draw.

In the two pool divisions
All teams with a record of 3-1 or better will advance to the elimination round. If there are not at least 2 teams in a given pool with a record of 3-1 then the top 2 teams in that pool will advance (this is to ensure a minimum of 2 teams from each pool will advance to the elimination round). Standard Little League tie breaker policies will apply. (Tournament rules and guidelines Section III)

Two pool divisions entering the elimination round:

If the same number of teams are advancing from each pool, the teams will cross over (lowest seed in pool A plays highest seed in pool B and vice versa). If the number of teams advancing is not the same from each pool, then the teams will be seeded in the elimination round based on their record in pool play (no crossover). All tie breakers will follow standard Little League tie breaker policies. (Tournament rules and guidelines Section III).

Elimination Round
The elimination round will be a standard double elimination tournament. (The “IF game” has been reinstated)

Important Notes:
Due to umpire availability and in order to accommodate all the games necessary to support this format, the district reserves the right to place a majority of games at sites with lights during weeknights. It is possible that you may not play a game at your home field. If the schedule becomes too compressed due to rainouts etc., the district reserves the right to change the double
elimination round to a single elimination tournament. While every reasonable effort will be made to prevent this, the single elimination format may become necessary. If a team drops out of a division prior to the first game being played the pools must be redrawn.