High Academic Prospects - Class of 2018

In an attempt to help scouts from high academic admissions requirement colleges narrow their search for players in our area, we are listing the High Academic Prospects here.

We have received representation that the Class of 2018 players listed below are currently maintaining a college prep GPA of 3.2 or higher. The players highlighted in orange are maintaining a  3.7 GPA or higher .

If you are a men's college basketball prospect, and have a college prep GPA of 3.2 or higher, please email us at  


       Nicolas Riveria Will Feldman  


Larry Moreno Sam Lee        Manasseh Small Chris CJ Goodwin
Victor Ogbo    David Grady  



Grant Thompson Cameron Shockley        Will Engelmayer Zach Light
  Alex Korman    


  Constantino Kosimidis        Jade Tse Tykei Greene 


Westchester County
      Muna Nwana Andrew Varoli       Skylar Sinon Elijah Galloway
       Payton Hudson Kevin Fee Tyleek Mack Mike Krause
Max Samberg      


Fairfield County
 Elia Gianapoulos             Henry Holzinger         Graham Pierce           Kyle Shifrin
Jack Tierney Brenden McNamara Ty Stapleton Cameron Shockley
  Jackson Ryan Scott Cunningham  
  Jelani Jackson Brian Noone  


Hartford County
   Luca Mirabello  Mason Resendes Kehinde Aruwajoye  Brett Muni
    Jackson Meshanic  



New Haven County
Gezani Artis     Zanagee Artis       Jack Atkins