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Participant Fees

The 2018 base fee is $95 per player.  Collected fees cover the operating costs of the program.  This includes team volleyballs, ball bags, ball carts, team apparel, gym rentals, referees wages, and awards.  A portion of fees will also be invested in upgrading local gyms to make them safe and volleyball-friendly.


Volunteer Opt Out Fee

We recognize that not all families have the ability or inclination to volunteer. If you choose not to volunteer, you will be assessed a $55 volunteer opt-out fee.

Non-Resident Surcharge

There is an additional $30 surcharge for non-county residents. FHYAA is charged that same amount by Fairfax County for each non-resident using Fairfax County Public School facilities.


The Fairfax County Neighborhood and Community Services (NCS) provides registration fee scholarships and equipment vouchers to help eligible youth participate in sports programs in Fairfax County. Please follow the link below to apply:   Email us at this   and we will let you know where to send the forms.


FHYAA requires that a $25 administration fee be charged for all refunds. Total amount of refund is determined on a case by case basis.