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Chatham United 9U/10U Travel Program

In 2015 Chatham United made some modifications to our 9U program in order to provide all of our full season 9U teams with a consistent experience. At the 9U level we believe providing a similar approach across the teams is best for the players as they begin their first year of Travel soccer. We also believe it makes it easier for parents, the Club and our trainers to plan their season well before it starts. The program we have laid out is consistent with what nearly every 9U team has experienced the past several years. In 2019 we also rolled this out to our 10U teams to create a consistent experience for all of our 7v7 teams.

This also provides the ability to provide more certainty around the cost of the 9U/10U Travel Program. For 2021/22 we expect the total amount paid to CU to be in the range $925 - $970. ($330 at registration and then team fees of $595 - $660 paid in installments prior to the fall and spring seasons via credit card). In addition all players need to purchase a uniform for approximately $90. 


  • Approximately 10 weeks of training (Sep-Nov) - 2 sessions per week 
  • 8 Morris County Youth Soccer Association games (generally Sunday between 12-7pm)
  • 2 Fall Tournaments
    • Essex Fall Tune Up Tournament (early September – 3 or 4 games on Saturday and Sunday – possible Friday night) or a Columbus Day Tournament  (Pequannock Fall Classic or Parsippany Pride)
    • Mt Olive Halloween Tournament (mid-October – 2 games on Saturday only) 
  • End of Season Evaluation & Feedback - Each player receives a written evaluation that contains both qualitative and quantitative performance feedback. The "report card" will highlight strength areas and areas for improvements and grade the players on a meaningful achievement scale


  • Approximately 10 weeks of training (Apr-Jun) - 1-2 sessions per week 
  • 8 Morris County Youth Soccer Association games (generally Sunday between 12-7pm)

Teams may still enter additional tournaments if desired (the team will pay for these tournaments themselves).


Optional Winter Sessions

These will be completely optional and will be a separate feeparticipation, or not, in any of these optional activities will in no way impact the team formation process for the following year.

  • WINTER - indoor training set up and run by training organizations at Chatham Day or similar local gym