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Lacrosse Skills

Players, if you're looking to get a head start on the season, work on mastering the basics!  Do a couple of youtube searches for videos covering these skills and practice, practice, practice!  Wall ball is a great way to practice by yourself!


  • Stick is vertical with one hand high and one hand low
  • Hip to hip and shoulder to shoulder motion (pocket faces forward when at the sides and when stick is in front of the body it faces toward the player)
  • Able to Switch hands at the side of the body (not in the front)



  • Position body low with bent knees
  • Which ever hand is at the head of the stick lead with that foot
  • Lead foot is close to the ball
  • Stick position is lowered, especially the back hand
  • As the ball enters the stick, gradually cradle into an upright position



  • Step with opposition.
  • Body should be turned sideways
  • Over the shoulder, not side arm
  • Bottom hand on the bottom, drop the top hand a few inches



  • Stick face is open
  • Lead shoulder should be pointing down the field
  • Stick head should be facing back towards the thrower showing a target
  • Continuously watch the ball into the pocket, as soon as the ball enters the stick it should be absorbed “soft give”, then right into a cradle


  • Slide hands closer together and hold them up and away from your body
  • Front shoulder should be pointed toward the target
  • Step toward target
  • Follow through by "snapping" the top hand through the shot


  • Clamp the ball
  • Pinch the head to trap the ball
  • Rake the head toward your body picking it up with the back of your stick

For more great instructional videos on lacrosse skills, check out the US Lacrosse YouTube channel and check out their series of Core Skillz videos!