Chicago Youth Soccer Organization

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The forms listed below are for the Libertyville Octoberfest Classic which is being held October 7-9th.

Pre-filled versions of the documents can be found HERE

  1. Concussion Form: Can be completed by the team manager. All our coaches have completed the required concussion training
  2. Tournament Form NT: Also easy as it can be done by the team manager without anyone else's signature
  3. IYSA Tournament Roster: excel spreadsheet. Complete with the roster info from League Athletics and the ID number from the player's player pass
  4. Team Roster: Official roster from NISL/IWSL
  5. IYSA Medical Forms: You may have gotten some of these shot over to you randomly before the season started. Personally, I print a fresh batch and at one of the next games get every parent to fill it out at half time and give back to me. Then I have my own set and I'm good.

Once collected, they can be uploaded to your team on GotSoccer. CLICK HERE for instructions on how to do that.

These forms can be recycled for the spring tournament so hold on to them!