Sandwich Youth Lacrosse

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Hello Parents:


Welcome to another season of Sandwich Youth Lacrosse!

Your son has been selected to play on my U-__ team this spring.  The season includes two practices a week and an 8 game schedule (4 home / 4 away) and a season ending Jamboree.  For those of you who don’t know me, my name is _______________ and I will be coaching your son this spring.  This is my ____ year as a coach.  My assistant coach this year is _______________.  

Practices will be on _________ and _________ nights from _____-_____ p.m.  I like to try and start practice on time, so if possible please try to have the boys arrive a few minutes early to suit up and prepare.  Please make every attempt to be on time when practice is over.  I will never leave a child alone at the field, but I do ask that you respect my time as well.

*Cancelations due to weather will be communicated through email

Required Equipment (Adjust to Boys or Girls):

  • Stick  PUT YOUR NAME ON IT- lots of kids have the exact same stick
  • Lacrosse helmet (NOCSAE approved)
  • Mouth guard (preferably on lanyard)
  • Lacrosse shoulder pads, arm pads, and gloves
  • Athletic supporter and cup
  • Rubber soled cleats

*I am very strict when it comes to mouth guards and cups.  Please make sure your child has both during all practices and games.

Philosophy and Development Timeline:

This is a town program, not travel and not select.  We embrace all skill levels and everyone plays.  We teach sportsmanship and respect of others.  I place no emphasis on “the score”, but will attempt to acknowledge personal accomplishments relative to each player’s ability.  Our primary goal is to teach the kids proper form when throwing, catching, cradling, and scooping.  Additional concepts will be ball protection, field movement, and defensive positioning.

Looking forward to a great season.  Please feel free to contact me throughout the season with questions/comments.  I want to know about any “issues” on or off the field.  I can’t fix a problem I don’t know about

Next practice is _____________ at __________ p.m.




Head Coach

phone #