The NYAA is a registered 501(c)3 nonprofit youth sports organization serving the Northwestern Lehigh School District area, providing educational athletic opportunities that range from recreational to competitive for pre-school through high school aged boy
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TRYOUTS FOR 2019/2020 NYAA Travel Basketball 

**IMPORTANT**Your child must be registered and pay the travel team registration fee ($100)  prior to tryouts in order to participate in any tryout session.  Players will not be able to register at the door on tryout day. REGISTER HERE NOW. Travel registration closes October 13th. Any player who is not selected for a travel team will be reimbursed the $15 difference between travel and rec fee.   This new process will help facilitate smooth and efficient tryout sessions.  Any player wishing to be on a travel team should attend all sessionsIf your child has a conflict, please notify staff at the inital evaluation.  Your child must attend at least one session in order to be placed on a travel team. 

3rd / 4th Boys Tryout Schedule:

  • Wednesday, October 16th --- 6:00 to 7:30pm at Northwestern Elementary
  • Sunday, October 20th--- 4:30-6pm at Weisenberg Elementary
  • Saturday, October 26th--- 9am-10:30 at Weisenberg Elementary

3rd / 4th Girls Tryout Schedule:

  • Monday, October 14th--- 6-7:30pm at Northwestern Elementary
  • Saturday, October 19th--- 9am-10:30 at Weisenberg Elementary

5th / 6th Boys Tryout Schedule:

  • Monday, October 14th --- 7:30 to 9:00pm at Northwestern Elementary
  • Sunday, October 20th --- 6:00 to 7:30pm at Weisenberg Elementary
  • Saturday, October 26th --- 10:30am to 12 at Weisenberg Elementary

5th / 6th Girls Tryout Schedule:

  • Wednesday, October 16th --- 7:30-9pm at Northwestern Elementary
  • Saturday, October 19th--- 10:30am to 12 at Weisenberg Elementary
  • Friday, October 25th --- 6:00 to 7:30pm at Weisenberg Elementary




What can I expect at tryouts? Those that have pre-registered for the travel program are able to participate in tryouts. If your child is not registered by October 13th, he or she will not be allowed to tryout.  Every kid will receive a jersey with a number that they will wear at each session.  Players will be evaluated based on a demonstration of ball handling skills, shooting, court IQ, attitude and team composition.


Who is running tryouts? The NYAA Basketball Leadership Team (NBLT) is comprised of Director, Erika Coleman, K-2 Coordinator, Rich Kulp and 3-12 Coordinator, Matt “Chilli” Fitzgerald.  We are working with evaluators and potential coaches to layout efficient and fair tryout sessions. We are doing our best at getting independent evaluators at each level to ensure an unbiased tryout session for every kid. Independent means that they are not directly connected or have skin in the game with any child trying out at that specific age level.  This may include some in house coaches from different divisions, but we are looking closely at each individual grade level to try to find the most unbiased evaluators.  


How many travel teams will there be? There will probably be one ¾ Girls travel team.  There will likely be two ¾ boys travel teams. There will potentially be two or three ⅚ Boys and Girls travel teams.  We want our kids to play in leagues where they will be competitive and successful. If we feel that there are not enough competitive players at a certain level, we will not just throw kids together in order to call it travel basketball. 


How many players will be on a travel team?  Coaches and the NBLT will decide how many are on a team.  Depending upon numbers, each team will have 8-10 players. Most teams will only have 8 players, to make sure each kid is getting an optimal amount of playing time. 


Who decides who makes teams?  Evaluators will come up with a ranking of the top players of each age group and submit their results to the NBLT.  They will also hand their results over to the head coach, who will ultimately be deciding who makes the team. We acknowledge the element of subjectivity here, and the NBLT will oversee to make sure there is no overt bias.  The first 5-6 players are usually clearly the top players, and then there are “bubble” players, who could be argued either way. The coach needs to think about what he needs based on size, position and skill. Sometimes a less skilled, but very tall player will be chosen because the team needs height. Sometimes a more skilled player will not be chosen because they have demonstrated poor sportsmanship or are not following directions.  The head coach will work to choose a balanced team that can best compete.  


What if more than one person wants to coach a travel team?  Are both of their kids automatically on the team?  No.  But, if we only have one person volunteering to head coach a travel team,  their kid is automatically one of the 8-10 players. Head coaches will not select or be assigned their assistants until after tryouts have determined who is on the team.  If more than one parent wants to coach a travel basketball team at a certain age level,  tryouts will determine if their child “makes” a travel team. The NBLT will come up with potential rosters, discuss with the interested coaches and assign them to the team that their child makes.  If you are interested in coaching, the deadline to email the Director at   is September 30th.


What if I think my kid should have made the team and he/she didn’t?  If you feel like there was clearly bias in the decision making, please reach out to the head coach, first, to respectfully ask why/how he or she made their decision.  If you are not satisfied with their reasoning, you may talk to someone in the NBLT about your concerns. Making team selections is challenging for most coaches, but in general coaches want to select a team that will help them be most successful. There will always be subjectivity and gray area when it comes to team selections, but this should motivate players to be working on their game, so much so, that there isn’t even a question.


Advice for travel Coaches.  Most coaches are probably already careful about this, but if you are assigned to a travel team prior to tryouts or during, please refrain from discussing potential rosters with your children and other parents. Kids like to talk. This can give the impression that teams are selected in advance and that there isn’t room for new players, or improved players, who have been working hard in the off season.  Every child who walks onto the court at tryouts, should have the opportunity to earn a spot on that travel roster.  


Life after cuts. Each player that has not been selected for a travel team, will be refunded $15 and placed on a recreational team in the Parkland League.  The NBLT encourages parents and players to not assume that their child’s “cut” was due to politics or bias. We know that's easier said than done.  But please feel free to contact head coaches and/or the NBLT to ask why your child was cut, so that they can work hard in the off season to come back and make a travel team next year.  There are plenty of higher level athletes that were cut from teams, and used it as motivation to better their game.  


What is happening with the Middle School Boys Travel? After middle school tryouts have occured, those that have been selected for the middle school teams will be divided into two travel teams for NYAA.  Those top travel teams will likely play in the LVKBL Horn division. We should have more than enough players to make up a very competitive third travel team in the ⅞ Valley Youth League (formerly JV League). Depending upon interest after tryouts, we may need to hold an additional tryout session for those 7th/8th grade boys who did NOT make the team, to select who is on travel and who is on rec. We will reach out to all registrants at this level when the time comes.