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Membership and participation in the Bedford Basketball league comes with certain expectations of conduct and character. The league strives to create a safe, family atmosphere that provides an enjoyable environment for players, spectators, coaches and league officials. Failing to uphold these ideals by one’s actions, words or behavior shall result in suspension of membership, expulsion from the league or termination of player, parent or coach participation.

Every player shall: Treat all teammates, opposing players, league coaches, league officials, referees, custodial staff, fans, and guests with respect. This applies anytime you are in a facility used by the Bedford Basketball League or its participants. Exhibit sportsmanship during games and practices, including those games in which you are a spectator. Behave properly. Verbal abuse, taunting, swearing or profane gestures shall not be tolerated. Play the game for the competition as well as for fun.

Every parent and spectator shall: Encourage sportsmanship at games and practices. Encourage our children to treat the players, coaches, referees, fans and staff with respect. Not “coach” from the stands or otherwise interfere with players during a game. Not verbally or physically harass coaches, referees, players, league officials or other spectators.

Every coach shall: Promote fair and responsible behavior toward players during practices and games.  Be a role model for players, parents, referees, and fans to follow, even in difficult situations.  Encourage, advance and support the athletic development of a player, but also raise the player to have good values, behaviors, and manners.  Care for the well-being of both the physical and emotional state of the player.

The BBL Board members are empowered and expected to uphold these ideals. The head coaches are also empowered to uphold these ideals in conjunction with a board member or in the absence of a board member.