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For Beginning Lacrosse Players: Here is the Beginners Challenge


Beginning Players should utilize the following videos for some "Backyard Lacrosse". Suitable replacements for a lacrosse goal would be a plastic clothes hamper, tree, or plywood board. For balls use tennis balls!

Day 1: Monday June 27th, 2016

Day 2: Tuesday June 28th - Off Day

Day 3: Wednesday June 29th - 

This video takes you through some throwing techniques from different positions, and angles. While the video features youth girls, the same skills can be applied to boys! A suitable replacement for a lacrosse rebounder would be a brickwall! Note: Make sure there are no windows close!!

Day 4: Thursday June 30th - Off Day

Day 5: Friday June 31st -

Here is great playlist series of Individual Skills that can be practiced over the next week! The skills are broken down and are vital for advancement in the game! Each skill can be practiced over the next several days before our next practice on July 8th!



Our Intermediate and HS WallBall Challenge:

The 14 Day WallBall Challenge: Start Date: June 27th, 2016

1. Commit yourself to spending either 10, 20, or 30 minutes each day playing wall ball. This Challenge will last for 14 days straight!!

2. Be honest with yourself! If you think you can actually do 30 minutes a day, then do it! However, if you feel that is not a goal you will stick with, do not feel bad going with 10 or 20.

3. EVERYDAY for the next 14 days, revisit this post and watch the lacrosse wall ball drill video corresponding to the day of the week.

4. Don′t just watch the video…DO THE DRILL for the amount of time you committed to.


5. DO NOT SKIP A DAY. (this is not a typo)

6. At the end of the week, on Monday start the 7 videos over again.

7. Do this for three weeks.

8. Complete all 14 days. BE A MORE DANGEROUS LAXER.


Rules/Entering the 14 Day WallBall Challenge:

  1. Helmet and Gloves must be both worn to complete the challenge.
  2. The practice on July 11th, we will have a team WallBall Challenge and the player with the least amount of Drops going 100 Righty and 100 Lefty will win!


Day 1 - Monday - June 27th

Follow along with Kevin Crowley to complete the Day 1 Challenge. Here's the video:


A bit about Kevin Crowley -

  • 2011 USILA Midfielder of the Year
  • 2011 First team All-American
  • 2010 USILA Player of the Year
  • 2010 First team All-American
  • Unanimous America East Player of the Year
  • Tewaaraton Trophy Finalist
  • Stony Brook University's all-time leader in points with 232
  • Stony Brook University's first first-team All American
  • One of 40 players in Division 1 history to record 100 or more goals and assists
  • One of three players in America East history to be named First team all 4 years


Day 2 - Tuesday - June 28th

Did you get through day 1? If you did, and if you think you are along for the whole 14 days, dont forget to post and tag @GunsUpLax and #14DayWallBallChallenge on Instagram. Here is Connor Martin and let′s dig into day 2!



Day 3 - Wednesday - June 29th

The video today features Ned Crotty walking you through some of his great lacrosse skills!




A bit about Ned Crotty - Crotty entered the 2010 season ranked seventh in career assists (84) and 17th in career points (153) at Duke. Crotty was an All American and won the Tewaaraton Trophy for most outstanding college lacrosse player in 2010. On May 31, 2010, Ned and the Duke Lacrosse team won their first ever Division I NCAA Men's Lacrosse Championship. He and teammate Max Quinzani were a scoring duo at Duke for two years following the departure of Matt Danowski and Zack Greer. Crotty is considered to be the best passer in Duke lacrosse history, posting 63 assists in a single season, a Duke University record.


Day 4 - Thursday - June 30th

Remember Outlaws, we cannot stress this enough, take notes each day throughout this challenge of what techniques you like/dislike! When this 14 days is over you want to develop your own personal WallBall Routine. So that ultimately you will have the best routine possible!


Day 5 - Friday - June 31st

Day 6 - Saturday - July 1st

Day 7 - Sunday - July 2nd

Alright Outlaws you made it through the first week! Are you starting to feel more confident with your stick? It might be surprising what you have been able to accomplish in one week!

Day 8 - Day 14 is repeating the above videos!


WallBall is what separates the contenders from the pretenders! Lets get out there and own the Wall!!! #LetsGoDurantLions