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Beginning Drills

A young lacrosse player needs to work on 3 parts of his game- running, sticks skills, and shooting.

The running drills do not involve any equipment. A young player should run 2 miles around a block. It's hard and tough but will help his endurance. He should go from 2 miles during the first week, to 3 miles in the 2nd week and by the end of the season he should be able to run 3 miles during practice.

Another running drill should be full field running. The young player should start on the end line and run to the midfield line, run back to the end line, run full field to the opposite end line, and back to the original end line. He should do this twice at the beginning of practice and once at the end.

Working on his stick sills can separate a good player from a bad player. A great drill is to set up ten cones in a line 5 yards away from each other. Have the lacrosse player run through the cones switching hands at each cone. The important thing for the lacrosse player to do is work on his left hand more than his right.

Another drill is to make the young player go one on one with another defensive player. The objective of the defensive player is to get the ball from the offensive player within a minute. The only way for the offensive player to keep the ball from the defensive player is to keep switching hands. This drill will enable a player to switch hands quickly during a game.

Shooting drills are very important. The first shooting drill is to position an attack man behind the goal and have a midfielder about 15 yards away. Have the midfielder throw the ball to the attack man and have him run towards the goal. The attack man should give him the ball about five yards away from the goal and the midfielder should crank shot. This drill should be done 50 times a practice or until the midfielder can position the ball where he wants to in the net. The two players can switch roles half-way through - this will help them understand each other’s roles.

Another drill similar to the one-on-one drill mentioned earlier involves a short stick and defenseman going one on one. It varies from the other drill because the objective of the drill is for the offensive player to score and not hold on to the ball. One also needs a goalie in the drill to make it fair for the defenseman. The short-stick player should benefit from this drill, as it is very much like a game situation.