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Season 2019/2020



For anyone interested in becoming a soccer referee in Westport, CT please see our (2) program offerings below.   We welcome all youth and adults willing to learn, teach, and set a positive example for our young players and community.  Additional information can be found under the Referee home page tab on the WSA site homepage.  


WSA BLACKSHIRT (officiates REC games only):  REGISTER HERE
A non-certified entry-level Rec league referee.  To qualify, you must be entering 6th grade or higher.  No experience is necessary, however, it is essential to learn the Laws of the Game.  Our program is a terrific opportunity for our youth to get involved, gain valuable experience, and make money too!  Blackshirt training for the spring season is in late March and early September for the fall.   Training for all referees at any level continues through the season on the field with our adult referee mentors. 

USSF "YELLOWSHIRT" (officiates REC, Travel, & Premier games) requires USSF certification.   REGISTER TO CERTIFY HERE
To qualify, you must be age 13 or older at the time of registration.  Certification is done through the state on www.ctreferee.net and requires completing an online course/test and in-class/field training. F
ee is $93.95 plus uniform cost.  RE-certification is required each year.  
Got to the CT State Referee Program site to read all the details (there's a lot to learn!):  https://ctreferee.net

REFEREE PAYMENT METHOD:  WSA pays referees by online direct deposit via Chase QuickPay/Zelle.  No paper checks.   
Make sure your bank is a partner with Chase or Zelle.


We are very proud of our dedicated referees and our successful referee program.  Thank you for your interest in working in Westport. 

See you on the fields!


Robby Casey -WSA Referee Program Advisor and Mentor- Robertcasey250@gmail.com

Steve Divino - WSA Referee Advisor and Mentor - eadivino1299@gmail.com

Kathleen Galley - Westport Referee & Field Assignor - kwgalley@gmail.com