Girls Lacrosse Newton Massachusetts


“My girls truly enjoyed being part of the Girls Lax Newton program last year.  They felt the coaching commitment and attitude towards their personal growth and skill development pushed them to get better.  There was amazing focus on stick skills, teamwork, but more importantly on team bonding and having fun.   The expectations were high on the girls and their commitment to the team - but it only made my girls want to try harder.  What's not to love about that for my young athletes?”

Jodi Larson, Newton Parent


"My daughter loves this program. Fun and fast-paced learning. Great team building and focus on engaging the girls from day one. I also really appreciated how flexible the program was. Understanding that sometimes the girls have conflicts and not being too hard on them when they miss practice. I also loved the extra session on injury prevention and all the fun games (e.g. water hosing the boys team). Jacquie was new to the program and felt a part of things immediately"

-Teri Ginsburg, Newton Parent


"My daughter switched to the Girls Lax Newton program after participating in another program for 5 years.  This was a scary consideration for both player and parents.  With that said, we couldn’t be more pleased with our decision to switch. The growth in our daughter’s lacrosse IQ and play was remarkable over just one season.  From the blasting of music at Friday night Speedball, to the incredible coaching, to the true sense of team work and support.  Incredible!  However, the most important take away from last season was the empowerment that was instilled in our daughter as a young female athlete.  That speaks to the integrity of an exceptional program.  Thank you coaches!"

-Joe, Newton Parent


"Thank you so much for making this season the best I've ever had. We always had so much fun at practice, games, speedball, and anytime the team was together. You helped me be the best player I could be, and grow more in a season than I thought possible. This whole season meant so much to me. Every time we did anything it was insanely fun, and our team being so close was amazing. Every practice was filled with laughs and so much fun". 

-Elena Morris Kelly, 7th Grade Player


"All I can say is that you have been such a positive influence on all the girls and especially my Ella, who again is walking on cloud nine after a lacrosse game–her goal, asking her to take the draw and playing her middie.  This is a testament not only to your coaching skills but your interpersonal skills and ability to connect with the girls.  I can recount so many highlights throughout the season including the season highlight of watermelon smashing that have zero to do with lacrosse skills but more to do with life skills and camaraderie".  

Dean F, Newton Parent

"I'm still learning all the ins and outs of this amazing game, but I do recognize a great thing when I see it!  Thank you for all the time you have invested in our girls this season. I was so impressed and felt lucky that someone of your caliber, with your lacrosse knowledge and enthusiasm, would lead our girls."

–Newton Parent/Volunteer coach


"This is Jane’s seventh year playing lacrosse. You are the first coach to hold extra practices, shooting practices, and really make the effort to put in extra time to develop the team.  Jane has learned so much about the game this spring thanks to you."

– 7th Grade Newton Parent


"Thank you for the amazing coaching. I really enjoyed this season and learned a ton. Thank you for making lacrosse so much fun. Go Monarchs."

- Katie B. 8th Grader Brown Middle School

"Devin absolutely loves working with you and absolutely loves lacrosse. You have personally brought her self-confidence to a new level and have brought her out of her shell, we thank you for that!  Looking forward to working with the Monarchs next year."

–The Ackerley's, West Newton

"You are a great coach to these select girls. Your care, intention, teaching, and expectations have helped foster this select team in working toward a shared vision and more importantly in developing strong relationships amongst these girls. It really seems that what you have created speaks to the meaning of coach and team.  We are very grateful for Liv’s experience. Thank you again.  Best, Liv’s moms."

–Jennifer and Janice, Newton Parents

"We think you’re doing such a great job and it shows...Grace is having such a great time." –Erin Butterworth, Newton Parent