The Southern Nevada Lacrosse Association is organized and maintained to promote, grow, shepherd, govern, and protect the sport of Lacrosse at the youth, middle school, and high school levels, throughout Southern Nevada.



Southern Nevada Lacrosse Association (SNLA) is a nonprofit organization governed under Chapter 82 of the Nevada Revised Statutes and Section 501 (c) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

The main goal of the organization is to promote the game of lacrosse in a safe, sportsmanlike environment among lacrosse teams, and to organize and operate a league of such teams primarily in Nevada.

Further, in recognition of the educational, social and moral values to be derived from participation in lacrosse, SNLA promotes, coordinates, and regulates this corporation and such regional activities in a manner which contributes to the development the student athletes who participate in the SNLA.

The board is open to receiving emails regarding the organization. If you have a question or want to provide feedback, please send it to the appropriate member of the board. Please remember that we are an all-volunteer committee of individuals who want to help lacrosse players in Nevada. We are not paid or compensated in any way to volunteer in these positions.  







Overall management of the Board and SNLA business

Vice President

League Management, Fields, Training and Purchasing


CPA responsible for all SNLA financial matters


SNLA Meetings and Communications


Ensures we have enough fields scheduled, lined and in good shape for the season(s). Creates & distributes practice/game field usage


PCA, Referee Committee, Conduct Grievances, League official events, games, tournaments

Teams Director

Supports teams with rosters, team manager meeting and stats training

Men's HS Commissioner


Facilitates HS Coaches Council Meetings, upholds Rules & Regulations for HS, addresses any other HS issues.

Boy's MS Commissioner


Facilitates MS Coaches Council Meetings, upholds Rules & Regulations for MS, addresses any other MS issues.

Women’s HS Commissioner

Facilitates Women’s Game HS Coaches Council Meetings, upholds Rules & Regulations for the girls game, addresses any other Women’s Game issues.

Girls’s MS Commissioner


Facilitates Women’s Game MS Coaches Council Meetings, upholds Rules & Regulations for the girls game, addresses any other Women’s Game issues.


Program Delegates

SNLA is comprised of multiple programs around the region. Each program has an appointed representative that serves on the Committees listed below to develop and grow the League. Delegates are selected prior to each season.

High School or Middle School (K-8) Coaches Council

The Coaches Council is determined prior to each season.

Committees Member

There are six committees to manage the various activities. Board members serve on various committees in addition to members from the SNLA community. We invite you to join one of our committees. Committees meet starting November and continues until the end of the season.

EVENTS - Events Director Chairperson
REGISTRATION - Vice President Chairperson
GAME DAY - Teams Director Chairperson
SPORTSMANSHIP - Sportsmanship Director Chairperson
FINANCE - Treasurer Chairperson




SNLA has 1 part time paid employee, who is not a board member and does not have a vote. They ensure that the Spring Season runs fairly by upholding the rules and regulations set forth by the SNLA Board of Directors.