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The Morris Plains Swim Team Parent Organization exists to support the team and the swim coaches. The organization consists of a President, Vice-President, and Treasurer and they organize various committees needed to assist the coaches. Parent participation is essential in order to make the swim team successful.  It is a requirement for every family to volunteer over the course of the season.  Please watch for more information as to how you can help.

*Below is a list of Swim Meet job descriptions and what they entail when volunteering for these during swim meets.

HEAD TIMER: This position is accountable for serving as the overall coordinator for the Backup Timer, Timers, and Writers. On the day of the meet, the Backup Timer, Timers, and Writers should check in with the HEAD TIMER 30 minutes prior to the start of the meet to ensure a smooth and successful meet.

TIMER: This position has one person from each team working each lane. Using a stopwatch provided by the team, the timer starts the watch using the strobe light flash of the starting machine as the starting signal. Check your stopwatch after the start to make sure it is functioning. If the stopwatch malfunctions, raise your hand and call for the Backup Timer. Use your index finger and stop the watch when any part of the swimmer touches the wall.

BACKUP TIMER: This position starts the stopwatch at the beginning of the race and helps any timer whose stopwatch didn’t start correctly.

ACROSS THE BOARD: This position stands at the finishing end of the pool and writes down who finishes in what place. For official heats the swimmer’s place (and points) is determined by the Across the Board judges.

WRITER: This position works alongside the TIMERS from the Morris Plains Marlins Swim Team and the Opposing/Visiting Team. Please be sure to fill in the ENTIRE SCORE SHEET. It is important to obtain accurate sheets!

Sample Score Sheet:

Team Name_’Morris Plains’_______________________________________
Event #_________________________________ Heat #____________________
Swimmer’s Name ________________________________________

Circle {one of the following} 25 50 100 200
Circle {one of the following} IM FREE BREAST BACK FLY RELAY
Circle {one of the following} GIRLS BOYS

Time: {be CONSISTENT…Box #1 should always be the MORRIS PLAINS TIMERS Time}
Box # 1___________________________ Box #2 _____________________________

RUNNER: In this position two people collect the score sheets from the writers after each heat. A third person takes the writer’s sheets and the sheet from the Across the Board judges and ‘runs’ the sheets over to the scoring table.

SCORER: This position sorts the official heats from the unofficial heats and then tabulates the swimmers’ times and team scores.

50/50 RAFFLE: In this position two people will sell raffle tickets to the spectators at the meet. The winning ticket will be announced during the meet.

BREAKDOWN: At the end of a home meet, two people are needed to put the covers on the starting blocks, put all the chairs in the shed, take down the tent over the scoring table, put the tent and scoring table in the shed, and make sure all garbage is cleaned up.

MARSHALLER: This position is responsible for a SINGLE LANE for the entire meet. You must make sure you have the correct swimmer in the correct lane. Watch out for the younger swimmers particularly the Under 8’s and 9-10’s.

1. Heat Sheets: ALL of the OFFICIAL heats are printed on the first few pages. PLEASE remember to look for the ‘unofficial’ heats (subsequent pages). For example: Girls Under 8 ~ 25 Free will have your 1st official heat, but could have up to 4-5 extra heats. It is imperative that swimmers are lined up correctly – swimmers can not miss their races! There’s plenty of time to make sure you have the right swimmer in his/her lane. Check and double check…please!

2. Order of races:
Medley Relays (girls and boys)
100 IM 12 & Under Girls – then Boys
100 IM 13 & Over Girls/Boys
ALL FREE 8 & Under Girls/Boys, 9-10 Girls/Boys, 11-12, 13-14, 15-19
STEP UP RELAYS Girls then Boys