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League Website 101 (Parents)


In order to access any of the features on the NPLL website, you must Sign In (upper right of the home page) by using the email address and password you used for registration. If you forgot your password, click the “?” button in the password field and you will be able to create a new password (email sent to your inbox).

Once signed in, click Team and you can navigate to your child’s specific team home page in the menu. 

You can email the entire team by going to the Roster page and clicking Options (in header), Email Team.  Or, you can email the Manager directly from the Roster page.

You can see your child’s schedule by hovering your cursor over the Team button and selecting Schedule.  You can print the schedule by clicking Options, Print.

Pictures can be added to your team site as well.  The Team Parent, Coaches, and Manager all have access to upload photos.  If you would like to upload photos to the site but do not hold any of those team positions, please contact your child’s manager and ask them to contact a Board Member to give you those rights in the system.

The Multi-Schedule option is for those parents with two or more children playing in the league.  You can see all of the games for both of your children by selecting this option.

For more information, check out the User Guide.


Thanks and Have Great Season!