“As you know, we are having elections for Board of Director seats at the upcoming Annual Meeting May 6, 2018 at 1:30 at the Renton Ice Arena.  We have a group of excellent candidates running for the Board. Read the bios that each candidate has provided related to their candidacy below.  You will also be asked to vote on Board approved Bylaw amendments and an email with a copy of the proposed amendments was previously forwarded to the membership.  To see a redline copy of the Bylaws click here. 

If you cannot attend and wish to vote absentee ballots are available by contacting the Board Secretary, Brenda Darnbrough at  .  If you request an absentee ballot please note that you will actually receive three (3) separate ballots, one for the Bylaw amendments (the Absentee Issues Ballot) and two related to electing Board members (the Absentee Election Ballots). If you wish to vote for the Board positions please complete both of the Absentee Election Ballots as the ballot that will apply is dependent on the results of the vote on the Bylaw amendments.

We look forward to seeing everyone.

Dave Blanchard

Executive Director”

Doug Corley 
Candidate for President 
Candidate for Board of Directors 

I've spent the last several years in and around rinks as my son has grown from mite to midget.  I have had the distinct pleasure in being a part of it as his coach (I have participated in several coaching clinics and symposiums and am a USA Hockey Level 5 coach), manager, spectator, broadcaster, Board Vice President since 2014 and currently as the President of the Sno-King Board of Directors.  

I am excited about the progress that Sno-King has made over the years to become a USA Hockey Model Association, and the commitment both USA Hockey and Sno-King are making to promote the Seattle area as a place where athletes can choose to become hockey players for life.  As an uncle of two grown hockey players who played into their college careers, I have seen the benefits that hockey has taught them as leaders as they continue to be players for life.  

It is my honor and privilege to serve the membership and I am looking to you to vote for me on or before the Sno-King Annual Meeting, May 6th, 2018.


Jarett Goodkin  
Candidate for Vice President 
Candidate for Board of Directors
I joined Sno-King as a coach just one month after moving to Washington in 1990.  Although I had recently graduated from college and did not have a child in the program, I spent more than 12 hockey seasons coaching with the 12u, 14u, and 16u A1 teams.  I also served two separate terms on the board of directors. 

After stepping away for a few years to focus on my career and start a family, I re-joined Sno-King when my son started playing in the beginner program during the 2010-2011 hockey season.  Since that time, I have been an assistant coach for at the 8u and 10u levels and a head coach for the 12u A3, 12u A2, and 14u A3 teams.  In 2016 and 2017, my teams played in the championship games at the PNAHA B Tournaments, and this past season my 14u A3 team made it to the semifinals. 

For the past six years, I have also served as a member of the Board of Directors and spent countless hours helping to re-write SKAHA's by-laws, revise its policies, analyze its organizational structure, encourage the formation of an alumni program, and emphasize the need to increase our fundraising opportunities.  While on the board, I have chaired the By-Law Committee and been a member of the Executive Committee.  Recently, I was appointed by the board as Vice President and became chair of the Hockey Committee this past February. 

In all my time at Sno-King, I have coached more than 300 players and served as a board member for over ten years.  I have been with the association through some of its best and most difficult times, and I have seen firsthand the positive impact that our association has on the lives of our players and their families.  During this past season, our board and staff have been taking a very hard look at ways to improve and grow our association for the future.  While we have finally started to make some progress, I know that there is much more work to be done.  Given the number of hours I have dedicated to Sno-King over the years, I hope that I have shown you that our association’s future is extremely important to me, and I would appreciate your vote for either Vice President or a board member in our upcoming elections on May 6, 2018, so that I can continue to serve you on the board of directors. 



Samuel Bull 
Board of Director - Class 1

My family and I have been involved with Sno-King for the past eight years.  I have helped coach every season since my oldest son, Mason, started playing in 2010.  During the 2018-2019 season I will have four boys playing in four different age groups (8u, 12u, 14u, and 16u). 

My children have played at different levels within their respective age groups, including rec, rep, development, and on a combined Sno-King / Seattle Junior tier 1 team.  As a result, I have unique insight into the opportunities and challenges for kids participating at various levels of competition. 
I am a strong believer in focusing on player development and skills development.  I applaud Sno-King’s recent use of skating, skills, and goaltending coaches.  I would like to continue to push this focus as well as continue to try to improve our coach-to-player ratios to get as much individual instruction as possible for our children, particularly at the younger age groups. I am also a strong advocate for the benefits of creative, high-energy, positive coaching.   

When I am not at the rink, I am a commercial litigation attorney with a primary focus on intellectual property and breach of contract disputes.  In addition, I assist clients with assessing risk (and benefit) and avoiding potential future disputes.    
During the next few years we will likely see significant growth in youth hockey in this area.  It is critical that we are preparing for that growth and engaging in strategic planning to ensure that our children have the best possible experience on and off the ice. I would like to be a part of that process. 


Alisha Gosline  - Class 3
Board of Director

I have two boys that play hockey at Sno-King.  I have a 12yo entering Bantam’s next year and I have a 2nd year Squirt.  I love hockey and have grown up loving hockey since I was raised in Anchorage, Alaska.  I have a very keen interest in helping improve and maintain Sno-King as an association for all families at all levels.  It’s so important that our kids have positive experience, not just with Hockey but with humans in general.  This starts at a coaching level and continues through every level of the association. 

I have 20 years of Marketing and Advertising experience.  I’m currently a Media Manager for a small local agency in Seattle placing Radio and Television Advertising.  Prior to my current position I was running my family’s wine business for 14 years.  Developing and maintaining positive working relationships is a large part of what I do and it’s imperative to running any business.  We all need each other to be successful and working with one another in the most positive manner and creating working relationships is what I do! 

Additionally, I can bring small business ownership experience to the table.  Limited resources are a challenge for every small business and being creative and thinking outside the box is imperative to creating success and growth.  There’s always another way to reach the finish line! 
What I hope is to bring an open mind, positive relationships, successful hockey experiences for our kids, girls and boys alike!  I want to hear what people want and need from Sno-King and help to implement these ideas to maintain the pride of Sno-King for all families! 


Tony Lawrence - Class 1
Board of Director

Tony grew up playing youth hockey in Minnesota, college hockey at the United States Air Force Academy and the University of Saint Thomas, and 3+ seasons of professional hockey in the ECHL/UHL.  His playing career included being named a two-time Division 3 All-American, runner-up for Division 3 Player of the Year, and team captain for multiple teams.   

Tony’s coaching career began in Minnesota at Simley HS for 2 seasons before moving to his alma mater (University of Saint Thomas) for 3 seasons of college hockey before moving to Seattle.  In total he has coached youth hockey for 7 years.  At Sno-King Tony is currently supporting the 8U teams in Renton (4 years as ADM Director and 5 years as an 8U coach) and 10U Rep teams (1 year as Director and 2 years as 10U coach).  Tony currently works at Amazon and lives in Issaquah with his wife Alisa and three sons who are in the Sno-King hockey program (Tristan 10U Rep (2007), Ashton 8U Major (2009), and Anders 8U Major (2011)). 

Tony’s goal for the season:  Focus on teaching the fundamentals, while instilling a love for the game that will last a lifetime 

Happy Longfellow - Class 3



Dana Harder 
Candidate for Board of Directors 

My name is Dana Harder and I am super excited to introduce myself to you as you’re considering your options for the May elections for the SKAHA BOD. Currently, I am the VP of Strategy for a B2B Content Marketing Agency. My focus here is to help marketers turn their marketing organizations into demand-gen rock stars! When I am not helping my clients build a consistent and scalable content strategy, I can usually be found at the Kirkland Ice Rink cheering on my sons 4 to 5 per times per week (yes, as we all know, hockey is a second job for us all). 

In addition to supporting my sons at the hockey rink, I have taken on an active role in SKAHA and youth hockey in several ways. I have a been manager of my son’s 12U hockey team for 2 years running. Last spring, I spearheaded two 12U Rec Spring teams allowing rec kids an opportunity to continue their growth past the traditional hockey season. 

Then, in October, I was asked if I would be interested in filling an open spot on the SKAHA BOD. Although, never serving on a board before, I felt my marketing expertise could be beneficial to the SKAHA organization and decided it give it a try! 

While Sno-King has had many positive changes over the last year, serving on the BOD has given me an opportunity to see where real change can happen and I would love the opportunity to continue the work I have started.  

One area that is near and dear to my heart, is strong communication. I know there is a general feeling across the membership that we do not do a great job communicating and one of my goals is to ensure members are getting consistent communication on everything from evaluations, normal season information, tournaments, scheduling, fundraising, rink improvements, ect. The newsletter which I helped implement, is just one of the first steps in this direction. The goal is more targeted, frequent communication through emails, social and other forms as we go into the new season. 

Communication also ties strongly into marketing, where I feel I can bring some real value to the organization. With the NHL coming to Seattle and the likelihood of an increased interest in youth hockey, it’s time to step up our game in a variety of areas including the website, fundraising, and general branding, marketing tactics. Working with Dave Blanchard, we have been able to push forward a bunch of new marketing initiatives including an overhaul of the SKAHA website and new 2018/2019 registration process all coming soon. This is hopefully just the first of many things I am hoping to implement should I get elected. 

Overall, I believe my love for youth hockey combined with my marketing expertise would greatly support the needs to the organization for the upcoming term. Should I be elected, I look forward to hearing all your priorities and how we can work toward an even stronger organization in the next few years.  


Jack Hawes  
Candidate for Board of Directors 

Sustaining Member - My hope is to contribute my time and energy as a Board member to help Sno-King continue its long tradition as a great environment for young people to learn valuable life lessons while enjoying playing hockey. I played a small role in the tradition of Sno-King. While my son only played at Sno-King a couple years, I served as a coach for over 20 years and as its first Executive Director for 3 years from 1985 to 1988. One of the teams I coached won the national Pee Wee title in 1990.  I was a partner and played an active role in the development of the first Sno-King arena in Lynnwood as well as assisting Jim McTaggart with the development of the current Sno-King arena in Kirkland. 
I will soon be retiring from a career in real estate development and management over the last 42 years. I hope to apply my business skills, real estate knowledge and previous Sno-King experiences to assist the Board to keep Sno-King heading in a sound financial and operating direction.  With the NHL coming and the need to accommodate the inevitable growth that will come to youth hockey, new facilities will be needed, and the Association will need to be well managed and able to adapt to whatever changes might come. I look forward to joining with other Board members in guiding Sno-King to a bright future for years to come so it will continue its player-focused mission of Building Players for Life. 


Steve Johnson 
Candidate for Board of Directors 

12U & 14U - My family and I have been members of the Sno King family since moving here from NJ in 2013. I grew up in NY Metro area, a recreational hockey player and avid hockey fan – my love for the game cemented as a child watching my NY Islanders win 4 consecutive Stanley Cups. Over the past 5 years I have gone from new member, to active parent volunteer, to (for the past 2 years) Board of Directors member.

I am a labor and employment lawyer by education and prior work experience and currently work as a Human Resources executive at Amazon. I bring the same “customer obsession” mindset to the BOD that I do to my professional career. As a father with kids of different skill levels, but a similar passion for the game, my focus is on ensuring that the Association delivers an experience that inspires our kids - regardless of age or level - to challenge themselves, develops their skills, and develop a lasting sense of community and passion for hockey that will serve them long after they graduate from Sno-King. I am a passionate supporter of our Association expanding opportunities to our players through our beginners, skills, spring hockey, and state B/development programs. 

During my past 2 years on the Board of Directors I have served on several committees, including currently serving on the NHL, Bylaws, and Executive Committees. In addition, I led the search for our new Executive Director. Our association has grown over this time and the next several years looks equally promising with the possibility of an NHL franchise in Seattle. I hope that you allow me to continue this work by re-electing me to serve as a member of the Board of Directors.