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Cockeysville Girls Soccer Weather Policy:


The program goal is to make a decision to play about an hour before game or practice time.  The place to look is this website.   There is a scrolling message at the top that will tell you if practice or a game is cancelled.  If there is no message, assume the practice or game is still on as scheduled.

In general, wet fields or light rain will not normally cancel practice.  Heavily soaked fields, heavy rain and thunder/lightning will cancel practice.  If we are playing on the fields and there is thunder & lightning in the area, everyone should clear the fields.  Play can only resume after 30 minutes of NO thunder & lightning.  All coaches and volunteers must abide by this policy for the safety of our girls.

Further, in late summer and early fall there may be times soccer is cancelled due to extreme heat.
Sometimes we may get to the fields only to turn around and go back home and other times we may be sitting at home not playing while the sun is shining.  But the program will always strive to make a final decision about 1 hour before the start time.