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Election Recap
Thanks to everyone that attended the recent Annual Meeting of Members or took the time to participate in the voting process through voting by absentee ballot. The following are some highlights from the event.
Bylaw Amendments -  The Bylaw amendments were approved and will take effect immediately.  The new Bylaws are on our website (snokinghockey.com) at Association/About Us/Bylaws and Policies.  In accordance with the new Bylaws, the next Annual Meeting will be held in September 2019.
Elections Results -  The following people are now members of the Board of Directors of Sno-King Amateur Youth Hockey Association:
Class 1 with a 3-year term:  Sam Bull, Doug Corley, Jarett Goodkin, and Tony Lawrence
Class 2 with a 1-year term:  Jill Loveland, Jeff McConnell, and Andrew Turner
Class 3 with a 2-year term:  Alisha Gosline, Dana Harder, Steve Johnson, and Happy Longfellow.
After the Annual Meeting, the Board of Directors met and appointed Doug Corley as President, Jarett Goodkin as Vice President, and Brenda Darnbrough as Secretary.  Their terms will expire at the next Annual meeting in September 2019.
Also at this Board meeting Doug Ross and Jack Hawes were appointed as Supporting Member Directors. 
We are very appreciative of the Directors for being willing to contribute their time, skills and energy to helping Sno-King move forward in its mission of Building Players for Life.
We want to send our best wishes to two departing Board members, Keith Rettig and Vicki Harbottle. We are very appreciative of their contributions during their many years of service to Sno-King.  They will be missed. 
Summary of Awards
What's Happening
New Website Platform We are excited to announce that we will have a new look to our website next season.  SportsEngine is the platform of choice for a multitude of youth sports organization in the nation and they represent the state of the art service to accommodate our needs.  We are in the process of transferring to the SportsEngine platform and we hope to bring it online in early July 2018. This platform will allow our staff to communicate more effectively with the membership and it will provide improved capabilities to fulfill the needs of our teams to communicate as well. Registration for the upcoming season will be coordinated through SportsEngine this summer.  We will continue to update you on our progress and on the new features.

16U Tier 1 Evaluation Team An outstanding evaluation team was assembled this season, recently to participate in the extensive 16U Tier 1 team evaluations. This team of experienced hockey coaches committee was given the task of making recommendations to the head coach as to the top 9 forwards, 6 defensemen and 2 goalies at each position. The extensive evaluation process afforded to give every player a more detailed, comprehensive evaluation and an assessment of their play from a number of hockey professionals.


This committee  was comprised of:

Jamie Huscroft -         NHL (Calgary, New Jersey, Vancouver, Boston)

Dave Bankoske -        NCAA (Notre Dame), Professional Player (ECHL, Europe)

Doug Kirton -              NCAA (Colorado College), Professional Player (Europe)

Darren Tymchyshyn - NCAA (Cornell), Sno-King 18U Head Coach

CJ Fisher -                  NCAA (Finlandia), SJHA 12U A1 Head Coach

Jim Klenk -                  NCAA (Wisconsin-Stevens Point), Sno-King 16U Tier 1 Asst.

Nick Fouts -                USHL (Lincoln), Professional Player (ECHL), SJHA Hockey Dir.

Kris Wilson -               NCAA (Wisconsin-Superior), Professional Player (ECHL)

David Min -                 Banff Hockey Academy, Sno-King Skills Coach

Sean Joyce -               NCAA (Mankato State)

Michael Murphy -        WSHL (Seattle), SJHA President

Ian Armstrong -           USHL (Omaha), SJHA Coach

Matt Cain -                  Sno-King 16U A2 Head Coach

Darin Campbell -         Sno-King Goalie Instructor

Trevor Quinn -            Sno-King Goalie Instructor

2018 USA Hockey Pacific District Youth Player Development Camp

Sno-King players and instructors flew to San Jose, California to take part in the Player Development Camp May 3rd to May 6th. Players at this camp were evaluated to determine if they would represent the Pacific region in the national player development process. Sno-King players Daniel Anderson, Dexter Corley, Benjamin Fredell, Cameron Jennings, Matthew Klenk, George Moran, Chase Ojala, Sterling Nash, Luke Scheusner, and Ethan Yamamoto were selected to participate in the camp.In addition, Sno-King staff members Doug Kirton, Jamie Huscroft, David Min and Darin Campbell participated as coaches and evaluators. Congratulations to everyone from Sno-King and all the Washington players that participated.

This event is designed to provide kids, between the ages of 4 to 9, a completely free experience to try youth hockey.  Our top coaches will be on the ice to assist your child in learning the basics. Your son or daughter does not need any previous skating or hockey experience.      

All that is required is that you register below, and bring your own bike helmet and gloves/mittens.  Skates and sticks will be provided.

Saturday, June 23rd, 10:30-11:30am in Kirkland (on-ice at 10:45am)
 At Sno-King Ice Arena - Kirkland
Arena Address:  14326 124th Ave NE, Kirkland, WA 98034
Register Now!

Sunday, June 24th, 3:15-4:15pm on the small ice in Renton
At Sno-King Ice Arena - Renton
Arena Address:  12620 164th Ave SE, Renton, WA 98059
Register Now!

Pre-registered players should arrive at least 30 minutes prior to ice time to sign in and pick up equipment. Dress warm!
For information about our Learn-To-Play Hockey Programs, please click here

For information on our Basic  Learn to Skate programs, please click here

 We look forward to seeing you on the ice!

Please contact Jenn Wood at 

I'm not trying to be the next Wayne Gretzky or Mario Lemieux, I am putting pressure on myself to do my best and perform to my potential that is all I can do -- Sydney Crosby
5 Tips for a Successful Tryout By USA Hockey
Chris Glionna has seen his fair share of hockey tryouts, both as a coach and parent.

In a conversation with USA Hockey, Glionna – head coach at Suffolk University – had plenty of advice for players and parents as they approach tryout season. Here are five things to focus on when kids are getting ready to showcase their skills on the ice:

Pay Attention and Work Hard

When he evaluates potential players, Glionna looks for the ones who actually want to be there. That means he’s focusing on the players who show that they’re paying attention and ready to work harder than the competition.

“I think work ethic, obviously, is very important,” Glionna said. “You’re always looking for guys who work very hard. You’re also looking for guys who can follow direction. If you’re like, the fourth or fifth or sixth guy in line, and you’re not doing the drill correctly, well that tells me that you’re not a person who is going to pay attention to the details. Obviously if you’re trying to catch a coach’s eye, you want it to be for a positive thing, not a negative thing, like doing the drill incorrectly.”

Don’t be afraid to ask questions if you don’t understand a drill or game.

Try to Be at the Front of the Line

This tip hits rather close to home for Glionna, who has watched his own son gravitate to the wrong section of the line when waiting for the next drill to start.

“I do look to see that guys that are first in line, I think that’s kind of an important thing,” Glionna said. “It’s actually something that my own son won’t do, and it drives me crazy as a parent. When they go to do something, he tends to like to stay in the back. But I think it shows that there’s a kid that wants to succeed, he wants to do well, if he’s in the front of the line.”

No Lazy Habits

There are some things that are out of a player’s control when he or she hits the ice for a tryout, but it’s important to control that which is within their control. Glionna wants young athletes to demonstrate that they listened to that “keep your stick on the ice” phrase shouted at every hockey player at every level.

“Similar to what we talked about in doing the drills incorrectly, I would also just say lazy habits,” Glionna said. “Skating with your stick up, things like that, things that the kids can control, you want to put yourself in the best position, and whether that’s offensively or defensively, it’s having your stick down. Those are things as a coach that you look for in a tryout.”

Stay Positive

At the 12U level, it’s important for players to know that a bad tryout or a missed opportunity doesn’t have to leave a lasting impression on their aspiring hockey career.

“I think there are tons of examples out there of hockey players who were cut as bantams or midgets, and have gone on to play in the NHL, and even more examples of guys who were superstars at 13, 14, 15 that now play in a men’s league,” Glionna said. “Just because you don’t make it this year, doesn’t mean that with a little more hard work, things won’t go differently for you in the fall of the following year.”

That lesson matters just as much to the parents as it does the players. Glionna asks that parents try to keep everything in perspective and focus on what’s really important.

“Remember, it’s the kid’s tryout, not your tryout,” he said. “If your child doesn’t make the team, it’s not a reflection on you as a parent or your own athletic ability; it’s just how things played out for the kid. You want to make sure, as a parent, that your son or daughter is out there having fun, smiling. That’s really what you should be looking for, not who is going to make the team and things like that. That’s not anything that a parent should be able to control. You just want to make sure that your child is having fun and enjoying the game.”

Have Fun

Lastly, but perhaps most importantly, Glionna wants kids to have fun – even at a tryout. A happy hockey player is a better hockey player, and Glionna wants to work with players who want to be on the ice with him.

“I would just tell them to have fun with it,” Glionna said. “You’re always going to be better at your game when you’re having fun. If you go into a tryout tense and worried about it, you’re not going to play as well as you usually would. Again, it’s just a tryout. Go out there and have fun. It’s an opportunity to be with your friends, to skate and have fun. All kids should look at it that way.”


We have set up several camps and clinics for everyone to stay on the ice over break. These programs are sponsored or run by talented professional coaches and they will be held locally at the Kirkland and/or Renton Ice Arena’s.  There is something for almost all age groups and skill levels and each program provides the opportunity for a player to take a big step forward in their level of play while having fun. Please check out a brief outline of the programs here.

11 sessions with former professional players Jamie Huscroft and Doug Kirton!!

Our PROs will focus on each player’s individual skating technique and the way their body works. We teach our students how to generate more speed while increasing agility. We work with each player to find their optimum technique and to recognize how to use it to their advantage. 
Customized training on: 
  Dynamic Balance     Improving Coordination   Explosive Starts    Efficient Stopping     Powerful Strides                Skating Efficiency         Quick Feet       Enhanced Speed     Lateral Movement    Increase Endurance
Times: 6pm to 7:10pm
Starts: Every Thursday beginning May 31st
Ends: August 9th
Levels: 8U 10U 12U 14U 16U
Instructors:  Jamie Huscroft, Doug Kirton and other guest instructors
Location: Renton
Cost: $385.00 or drop in $40 based on availability
Only 40 seats available
What to bring: Hockey equipment and water bottle



$99 Small Ice Special (valid in Renton for the Small Ice only)  


One Hour Small Ice Rental

***Offer valid from now until August 31st, 2018 and bookings are based on availability


50% OFF Party Package A


  • Public Session

  • $9.00 per person discounted to $4.50 per person

  • Free Skate Rental

  • Large Ice Party Room Rental per hour $75.00 discounted to $37.50

  • Party Room Includes:  Goodie Bags, Assorted Candies and $2.00 Off coupon  (for the next visit ) Table Cloths, Balloons and Decorations

* Groups/parties are not permitted to bring in outside food/drinks (pizzas, cakes, party trays etc) unless a party room has been rented

**Minimum 10 skaters with a Maximum of 20 Skaters

***Offer valid from now until August 31st, 2018 and bookings are based on availability

Email and mention this offer!

Visit Our Online Store Click Here





Hello - Thank you for being a part of the Sno-King community during the 2017-2018 season.  With over 575 players in the competitive hockey programs, 50 teams and over 300 participants in the Beginner’s programs we had a very vibrant and successful year. The Board and staff are very appreciative of everyone that contributed time and energy volunteering these past 6 months.  The season could not have happened without you and the entire Sno-King community thanks you!

Looking forward, we continue to seek opportunities to secure additional sheets of ice. Land prices within our area of operation are extremely high. Land and buildings are in hyper demand by real estate developers so supply is very limited in our targeted area. We will continue to fervently pursue all possible scenarios to create additional ice facilities for the Sno-King community. If you know of any opportunities please contact us. 

The new NHL team will certainly cause interest in hockey to grow significantly in the years to come and they have publicly indicated an interest in working with local youth hockey organizations.  We will be looking for ways to work with the NHL team to grow the game and improve youth hockey in our region.

As we look ahead, we are very excited about the opportunities we have to continue to Build Players for Life. While there have been tremendous successes throughout all aspects of our programs, no organization is perfect. We will certainly be reviewing all aspects of our operations seeking ways to improve and to provide the best hockey experience possible for all our players.

The Board and staff hope that you have a wonderful spring and summer. For those leaving us, we wish you well and hope to see you again very soon. Please join our alumni group. For those returning, we are incredibly enthusiastic about the future of Sno-King and are excited that the best is yet to come. We look forward to seeing you next season!!

Dave Blanchard, 
Executive Director

Message from the Board of Directors
Annual Meeting - May 6, 2018

“The Annual Meeting of Members has been set for Sunday, May 6, 2018 at the Renton Ice Arena beginning at 1:30 PM.  This means that that if you are a Member, (for a definition, please see the bylaws and look up “General” or “Supporting” Member) now is the time to throw your hat in the ring if you wish to serve as a Board Director.

The Board of Directors are volunteers and therefore they do not receive compensation. As the Board is responsible for setting the strategy of all aspects of the Association, they are called upon to take into account the interests of the Association as a whole and will deal with a multitude of issues involved with the financial, business and operational aspects of the Association. As a Board member, you should expect to contribute between 15 and 20 volunteer hours a month or more toward fulfilling the responsibilities of a Director. To that end, the Board recently established a Code of Conduct as a guide for the behavior of the Board.

Anyone interested in learning more should review Section 6.5.1 of the Bylaws located on the SKAHA website, and send your request to the Association Secretary at  . This year, due to some resignations and Board appointments, there will be two additional seats open for one-year terms as well as the normal “President’s class” of Directors.

The other portion of the Annual Meeting is the ratification of changes to the bylaws which have been approved by the Board of Directors. These changes will be outlined in greater detail in upcoming emails, but the board feels that these changes are important to the future health of the association.

We appreciate and welcome anyone interested in volunteering to be a Member of the Board and look forward to receiving nominations. 

Please feel free to contact me with any questions."

Doug Corley, President

What's Happening

17UA1 Off To Nationals
Sno-King’s 17U A1 team is the 18U PNAHA 2018 state champions, and will represent Sno-King at the 18U USA Hockey Tier II Nationals in Green Bay WI April 5-9. For the second year in a row, Sno-King has won both the league and state championship titles at the 18U Tier II division. Coach Darren Tmychyshyn has lead the team to a great season this year- the trip to Nationals is a well-deserved finish after a season of hard work and solid effort- the team has an overall record of 37-14-3. 


14U and 16U Joint Team Tryouts for 2018-2019
We are pleased to announce that Seattle Junior Hockey Association and Sno-King Amateur Hockey Association will jointly host 14U and 16U teams for the 2018-2019 season.  This collaboration between the two associations will help develop players to the highest levels. Click Here for More Information




MHL Playoffs
We had a very successful playoff season across all divisions with five champions and five runner ups. The Gold and Silver divisions in 10U had all SKAHA Championships with Team Lehman and Team Longfellow taking the Gold and Silver Championships and Team Levin and Team Guthrie claiming runner up spots, respectively. Team Van Zelm claimed the runner up spot in the Bronze Division falling 4-5. The 12Us had similar success with Team Wilkinson winning 4-1 over Team Levin in the Gold Division Championship. Team York came away with the Silver Division Championship with a 4-3 victory over Kent. Two of our 14U teams made it to the Silver Division Championship with Team Leung defeating Haxby 2-1 for the win.  Congratulations to all of our teams that competed in the MHL Playoffs. 

12U State Festival
From March 23rd to March 25th we hosted the 12U State Festival in conjunction with Seattle Junior. With 18 teams, 39 games across 4 rinks it was quite the busy weekend. The highlight of the weekend for Sno-King was our 12U A1 team winning the Gold Division State Championship 4-2 against the Spokane A1 team after splitting the two round robin games. The two 12U A2 teams had good showings and both barely missed out on making it to the Championship Game for both the Silver and Copper divisions. Our 12U State B team comprised of some of our recreation players competed very well against stiff competition from the REP teams from around the state. Thank you to all the parents that helped over the weekend with the scorekeeping and clock duties. 


The SKAHA Cup was played in the first week of March to determine the division champions at each REC level. This saw the champion from Kirkland go head to head with the champion from Renton. Our division winners were Team White at 10U, Team Colar at 12U, Team Haxby at 14U and Team Runchel at 18U. Congratulations to all our champions!


Spokane 4X4 Ice Classic & 8U Annual Jamboree
Two Sno-King teams in the Championship game: 8U Green v 8U Blue. Green won the gold. Intermediate Division: 8U Gallagher won Silver.

The  8U Mite’s had a blast at the Annual Jamboree in Renton.  Major Blue led by Coach Ort hosted the Canadian’s (BWC), everyone had fun on and off the ice.  There were lots of goals by both teams and great goaltending by two fantastic goalies! 


Presidents Day Challenge
12U A1 brings home the hardware in LA at the annual Presidents Day Challenge!! Way to go boys!


Spring and Summer Activities  
We have set up several camps and clinics for everyone to stay on the ice over break. These programs are sponsored or run by talented professional coaches and they will be held locally at the Kirkland and/or Renton Ice Arena’s.
There is something for almost all age groups and skill levels and each program provides the opportunity for a player to take a big step forward in their level of play while having fun. Please check out a brief outline of the programs here.


Two Champions Working Together!

Congratulations to SnoKing's 17U Tier II team! The Jr. Thunderbirds State Champs are headed to the Tier II National Championship in Green Bay Wisconsin.

Come to Game # 4 of the WHL Playoffs Friday March 30 Seattle vs. Everett @ 7:35PM at the ShoWare Center and support both teams.

Purchase tickets on the link below for just $22 (Regular $ 30) and the Thunderbirds will kick back an additional $7 per ticket sold ($10 per ticket if 250 + tickets sold) to fund the trip to Green Bay.

All Sno King participating teams will be seated together to cheer on the Birds vs. Tips and will also avoid all service charges.

Please add your SKAHA team name in the comments box to insure the fundraiser portion is credited to the team!   Click Here


SK8 to Eliminate Cancer
Sno-King Hockey is proud- and excited- to support the Kingsgate Figure Skating Club in their cancer fundraiser, SK8 to Eliminate Cancer.

On March 10th our very own Elliot McIntosh, who plays on 10U Hall participated in the frozen 5K at Kirkland. Thank you Elliot for taking the time to come and support!

All proceeds benefit the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The SK8 to Eliminate Cancer benefit ends with an on-ice celebration ‘Believe’ on July 27th, featuring figure skating routines, a silent auction, and perhaps opportunity to spot Hockey Director Doug Kirton skating in a tutu.  For more information please email Maria at
“You Miss 100% off the shots you don't take” --Wayne Gretzky
Spring and Summer "The Off Season"

Phew!! It has been a long hockey season. Congratulations to all teams. We trust all players had FUN and made great strides in their individual skill development, and team play while solidifying some great friendships. At Sno-King we follow the Long-Term Athlete Development principles taught to us through the ADM philosophies and believe that players should take some time off and play other sports in the off-season. That said our ice arenas do operate year-round and offer many camps, clinics and stick and puck sessions.  

Each player should take some time to reflect on their development and decide if 3 on 3 or an instructional clinic might help them improve in any areas of their game that may be lagging behind, but don’t forget that all important active rest that is so important both physically and mentally. 

Periodization is the systematic planning ofathletic or physical training. The aim is to reach the best possible performance in the most important competition of the year.It involves progressive cycling of various aspects of a training program during a specific period. Conditioning programs can use periodization to break up the training program into the off-season, preseason, in season, and the postseason. Periodization divides the year-round condition program into phases of training which focus on different goals.” 

The most important goal is to come back for the 2018-19 season re-energized and excited to have the best season ever!  

Have a great summer and see you at the rink!  

Doug Kirton, Sno-King Hockey Director

16U A1 Coach - Mike Butters
We are very thankful for all the coaches that enthusiastically volunteer their time and efforts and are fortunate to have exceptional coaching for our players.  

Coach - Mike Butters

A successful first year at Sno-King for Coach Mike Butters, the head coach of the 16U A1 team!

 Coach Butters led the 16U A1 team through Flight 1 play in the PCAHA league, and several Tier 1 Elite tournaments.  Coach Butters is looking forward to continuing the successful growth of the team in 2018-19 season.

As a former professional player, coach and general manager, Coach Butters is one of the most experienced coaches in Washington. Mike is a USA Hockey Level IV coach with over 20 years of high level coaching from youth to juniors to the pro ranks. Mike has also coached four national teams during this time in international play. He has assisted hundreds of student-athletes elevate their game to the NCAA, AHL and NHL. Prior to joining Sno-King, Mike worked for the Tampa Bay Lightning where he served in many capacities, from professional and college scout to General Manager of their top affiliate in the American Hockey League.

Mike’s coaching philosophy places an emphasis on family, education and hockey: “Creating a hockey player is more than skills on the ice. It’s about teaching and mentoring players to be the best they can be in all aspects of life.”

In addition to coaching, Mike is an owner of the Seattle Hockey Academy, Preferred Promotional Products and is a Managing Partner of Players Capital Group, a mergers and acquisitions firm solely comprised of former NHL, NFL, PGA and NASCAR athletes. When away from the rink, spends his time with his wife and two daughters, one of whom started her hockey career at Sno-King. 

Message to Players: “If you respect the game of hockey, the people involved in it, and what it truly means to be a hockey player, then you will have attained the attitude and character to achieve greatness in life.”

Coach, thanks for a great first year at Sno-King!

Thank You Volunteers!
Sno-King would like to thank all our volunteers this season- from coach to manager, to scorekeepers, clock runners, penalty box and safe sport monitors, snack organizers and party planners, carpool drivers- A heartfelt thank you!
Our program foundation is built on the spirit and dedication of our volunteers and Sno-King appreciates the countless hours of help that go into making our program a success for every player.
Enjoy your summer off, and we look forward to next season. Thank you!
Matt Shaw -  UND Assistant Coach
Matt Shaw
Sno-King Alumni Matt Shaw coaches men's hockey at the University of North Dakota, Shaw coaching UND’s power play and  defense. Coach Shaw has a diverse coaching background- at the professional, collegiate and junior levels.

Prior to coaching at UND, Shaw coached two seasons as head coach and general manager of the USHL Dubuque Fighting Saints. Coach Shaw has more than 20 years of coaching experience, including stints with three different NHL franchises- the New Jersey Devils (2012-13), San Jose Sharks (2009-12) and Minnesota Wild (2007-09). Shaw’s coaching background also include stops in the American Hockey League, International Hockey League, United Hockey League, East Coast Hockey League and Colonial Hockey League.

Coach Shaw played three seasons as a defenseman at United States International University (1985-88) and one season at Colorado College (1988-89).

Shaw graduated from Colorado College with a bachelor’s degree in economics.

Originally from Seattle, Shaw’s family includes wife Carolyn, daughter Clare, and son Hayden, a junior defenseman for the Fighting Hawks.

While attending Colorado College, Coach Shaw was a team mate of Sno-King's Hockey Director Doug Kirton.

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Congratulations to Caden McBride for providing the new name for our monthly newsletter. There were several excellent entries and it was a difficult decision among some very good choices.  Going forward, our newsletter will be called The Inside Edge, Sno-King’s monthly newsletter.  Caden has earned a $100 gift certificate to the Kirkland Team Store.  Thanks to everyone that participated!! 

We hope you are enjoying reading the monthly communications and we welcome your feedback at  .  


Don't Miss Your Shot!
Submit a deposit for your Season Seat ticket priority and help bring the NHL to Seattle  RESERVE NOW!
Go to NHLSeattle.com to place your season ticket deposit.


16UA1 Team Journey to Nationals
The 16UA1 team, led by Coach Mike Butters, starts the journey to USA Hockey Nationals next week in Tacoma, February 23-24, at the PNAHA Tier I State Tournament, playing teams from Everett and Wenatchee. State tournament winners move on to Pacific District championships in San Jose California April 8-11. District winners head to Pennsylvania for the National tournament in April. Sno-King has two Tier II teams in the hunt for Nationals, 14U A2, Coach Derek Pizzey and 17U A1s, Coach Darren Tymshychyn. The 17Us will play in the 18U age division. Both teams play in the PNAHA State Tournament, hosted by Tri-Cities in early March.

Best of luck of all our Sno-King teams working hard to earn a spot in the National tournaments!

Sno-King Tournaments
Earlier this week we finished up our 14U Presidents Day tournament. It was a fun filled weekend with a lot of great hockey played between our two ice arenas. The championship game was played between Richmond and Seafair C3 with Richmond winning 3-1 in a tight game with 17 shots a piece. Our teams showed improvement throughout the tournament against the tough opponents, earning some exciting wins and battling in some hard fought losses. We would like to thank all the parent volunteers for their help over the weekend. We received a lot of praise from the visiting teams about how well run the tournament went and the volunteers are a big part of that. We have a couple of tournaments that are quickly approaching as we enter the final stages of the season.  Our 10U to 18U Rec teams are gearing up for the MHL Playoffs and our 8U Major and Minor team are getting ready for their jamboree. Both being held March 3 and 4th. 
Then the following week we have the SKAHA Cup that is played during the week of March 5th-9th for our 10U-18U teams. The last tournament we have this year is the 12U PNAHA State Festival that we will be hosting at our rinks in conjunction with Seattle Junior. The tournament will be the weekend of March 24th and 25th. 
Community Fundraiser
Sno-King Hockey is proud- and excited- to support the Kingsgate Figure Skating Club in their cancer fundraiser, SK8 to Eliminate Cancer.
We would like to encourage all interested Sno-King Hockey players to participate in this fun event.  A 5K is about 40 laps, 3.50 miles.  5K pledge forms are available at the Kirkland rink or by contacting Maria Murphy at  . Players can use the pledge form to start collecting pledges for their laps at the event- maybe $1 per lap? Don’t forget a flat donation works too! Please make all checks payable to Scott Hamilton Cares Foundation.  We’ll see who gets the most laps- hockey players or figure skaters!

All proceeds benefit the Ben Towne Center for Childhood Cancer Research at Seattle Children’s Hospital. The SK8 to Eliminate Cancer benefit ends with an on-ice celebration ‘Believe’ on July 27th, featuring figure skating routines, a silent auction, and perhaps opportunity to spot Hockey Director Doug Kirton skating in a tutu.

Spring and Summer Activities
There are several programs that are in the works for this upcoming spring and summer in 2018!! These programs are sponsored or run by talented professional coaches and they will be held locally at the Kirkland and/or Renton Ice Arena’s.
These activities are still in the planning stages and therefore subject to change so continue to check for updates and individual promotions for the ones that catch your eye. There is something for almost all age groups and skill levels and each program provides the opportunity for a player to take a big step forward in their level of play while having fun. Please check out a brief outline of the programs here.


Brooke Whitney
Brooke Whitney was a pioneer in female hockey back when she played for SKAHA from 1990 to 1996. In spite of being one of the few female hockey players at that time, she had a very successful career competing on her boys’ rep teams. 
Brooke moved on to play Division I hockey for the nationally ranked Northeastern University Huskies. She received numerous awards during her collegiate hockey career, including the 2002 Patty Kazmaier Award, which is presented to the player voted as the best women’s collegiate hockey player in the nation., Some other honors were NCAA First Team All-American, the Jeanne L. Rowlands Top-Scholar Athlete Award at Northeastern, and induction into the Northeastern University Athletic Hall of Fame. Whitney competed as a member of the USA Women’s National Team, and played for teams in Brampton, Ontario and Vancouver, British Columbia in the Canadian women’s professional ice hockey league (NWHL). 
After graduating from Northeastern with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration, she continued her education earning a Master’s degree in Sports Management from the University of Connecticut. 
Finding new ways to apply her love for hockey, Brooke was a women’s hockey assistant coach at Boston College and the University of Connecticut. With her interest in helping pre-college players develop both their hockey skills and life skills, Whitney became the Associate Athletic Director and Girls’ Varsity Hockey Coach at Lawrence Academy (LA), a prep high school outside of Boston. 
For several years, Brooke coached at local, regional, and national hockey camps. She has worked as a USA Hockey regional evaluator and national camp coach. Many players Brooke coached have gone on to attend USA Hockey and Team Canada Player Development Camps, USA Hockey National Team Camps, and have been members of the USA Hockey U-18 and U-22 National Teams.
For almost a decade now, Brooke has been providing coaching, training, and consulting services to youth and adult athletes as the owner of 3sneaks health & sport. You may even see her at the rink occasionally giving skating and hockey lessons. In addition to her passion for health and sport, she also works as a marketing professional in the Seattle area.
What advice would you give to a youth hockey player today?
Control what you can control. There is a lot that is out of your control (e.g. playing time, penalties, ice conditions), but make it your goal to always work hard and improve. Nobody else can control that.
What words of encouragement do you have for youth hockey players today?
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes. Work on your weak skills too. We all have them. Those players that aren’t afraid to do this usually end up being the best hockey players.
“Nothing will work unless you do.” --John Wooden

12U Hockey "Win A Battle, Make A Play"

Checking was removed from USA hockey at the 12U level 4 years ago. At that time, it was considered the right thing to do for the development of the 12u player as this age is considered the “Golden Age of Skill Development” Later on it became obvious to most hockey people that it was also the correct decision for the player due to the overwhelming advancements in concussion education.

Fast forward to 2018 and we are seeing how much the game has changed. The speed and skill have improved immensely at all ages thanks to USA hockey’s commitment to skill development. Body checking is gone, BUT body contact has increased exponentially. There is a premium put on the player that knows how to skate well, be safe, protect the puck, create offense using his or her body and use proper angling skills on defense. In short, contact is up, checking is out! If I could use one tag line that defines the current style of hockey played it would be, “WIN A BATTLE, MAKE A PLAY” Former NHL player and Sno-King Director Jamie Huscroft sees the benefits of learning proper body contact at all ages. He experienced concussions in his career that eventually forced retirement and has now become a voice for player safety in our district; “I will be a resource, a face, a voice and a story of how concussions and their appropriate diagnosis, treatment, and recovery are vitally important to an athlete's recovery and wellness.” Players or families can reach out to me at any time if they are experiencing any symptoms or concerns about returning to play too early.”

There are many resources available to the Sno-King player including contact clinics and links to concussion materials.

Body Contact
  • Full understanding of the purpose of body contact.
  • Ensure that players understand the principles of Heads Up, Don’t Duck.
  • Focus on stability (flexion in ankles, knee bent, hips down, heads up).
  • Puck retrieval (shoulder check, create an angle and accelerate).
  • Have an understanding of danger areas and ways to escape pressure (create time and space).
  • Taking a check and giving a check.
  • Stability (solid base, knees bent, bottom hand pressure on stick), awareness (head on a swivel).
  • Steering, taking ice away, controlling speed, angling, active stick.
  • Be safe, compete and have "FUN”
Doug Kirton, Sno-King Hockey Director 
Update on Goalie Coaches
Unfortunately at the end of the season we will be losing Seattle Thunderbird Manager and Sno-King goalie coach Brent Siedel as he is moving back to Colorado. We would like to thank Brent for all the great work he has done with our goalies and wish him luck with his new ventures. We would like to welcome a new goalie coach to the staff, Sam Bloomberg. Sam is a recent graduate of Western Michigan where he played goalie for 4 years and has also coached 16U AAA in the Chicago area. 
Sam is looking forward to spending time on the ice and helping our goalies improve in all facets of their play, both at practices and individual lessons.  Welcome aboard Sam! 
More good news!  SKAHA Goalie Director, Darin Campbell, has been appointed Assistant Goalie Development Coordinator for PNAHA. He will be helping coordinate local association goalie instructors up and down the I-5 corridor and working closely with the Head PNAHA GDC Mike Landry. Congratulations to him for his selection. This will afford Darin access to the latest goalie coaching information while working with the lead goalie coach in the state.  He will also be attending the USA hockey district camp in San Jose for the first time to help evaluate goalies which will provide him the opportunity to see the most advanced youth hockey goalie coaching techniques and drills.   

SKILLS SPOTLIGHT - Skills Coach, Mark Leung

We are very thankful for all the coaches that enthusiastically volunteer their time and efforts and are fortunate to have exceptional coaching for our players.  

Skills Coach - Mark Leung
Mark has been coaching at Sno-King since 2007- he started with the Beginner program has followed his boys up through the age ranks. This season, Mark head coaches a 14U C team and assistant coaches a 12U C team. As a Level 4 USA Hockey certified coach, Mark is a great example of dedicated coaching- from the basics to a high level!

Mark is a Vancouver native; he grew up playing youth hockey, football and basketball and is a graduate of University of British Columbia. When not at the rink, Mark works for Boeing and lives in Renton. His hockey players are sons Nicholas, 14U, and Lucas, 12U- and a hockey wife, Julia.
Message to players: Never stop improving!  Work on fundamentals- edge work, stickhandling, passing.

Coaching tip: Have game intensity in practices and let the players have fun during the games.


Suman Chakrabarti
Suman came to Sno-King in August of 2015 from Pittsburgh, PA. ‘Coach Shoe’ spent one season as an 8U mite major head coach, and while still an assistant coach for the past two seasons at 10U, has been donating his time and talents to some of the behind the scenes needs at Sno-King. Using his Microsoft software background, Shoe is helping with the Sno-King web site update, rink monitor display, and schedule integration needs.
The Chakrabarti volunteer spirit doesn’t stop with Suman. His wife, Melanie, is the team managers for 10U A Cooke.  Thanks to Suman and Melanie for all their contributions!!  
Sno-King volunteer needs do not end on the ice- If you have a talent, or time, please consider volunteering- we’re always happy for extra help!  


Summary of Our Teams
Sno-King is comprised of 50 competitive hockey teams with approximately 570 players participating in programs beginning at 8U and culminating at 18U.  We also have a Beginner’s program with approximately 300 participants during a year that introduces young players to ice skating and some very early fundamentals of playing hockey.  For more information about the description and goals of the different teams please go to the Sno-King website at snokinghockey.com/programs.  
A list of the 50 competitive teams associated with SKAHA is as follows:
  • 8U Minor (6) Six rec teams that play in house
  • 8U Major (10) Eight “C” rec teams that play in the local MHL league plus two (2) development teams
  • 10U (15) Eight “C” rec teams and four "A" rep teams that play in the local MHL league plus three (3) development teams
  • 12U (9)  Five “C” teams that play in the local MHL league, one “A1” rep team that plays in the PCAHA, two “A2” rep teams that play in the local MHL and 1 State “B” team.
  • 14U (6) Three “C” teams, one “A2” rep team that plays in PCAHA, one “A3” rep team that play the local MHL league and one State “B” team
  • 16U(1) One “A1” joint rep team that plays in the PCAHA
  • 17U(1) One “A1” rep team that plays in PNAHA
  • 18U (2) Two “C” rec teams
We are very proud of the players, coaches, managers and volunteers of each of these teams.  For a view of the standings of our teams please go to http://leagueathletics.com/Bulletins.asp?org=SNOKINGHOCKEY.COM.  There is a website page for each of the teams where you can access information about schedules, etc. at http://leagueathletics.com/Schedule.asp?org=SNOKINGHOCKEY.COM.


Nick Foles 
Eagles quarterback Nick Foles helped lead Philadelphia to an improbable first Super Bowl title after taking over for injured quarterback Carson Wentz in the final weeks of the season.

Just 12 hours after the game of his life, Foles was asked to reflect on his career and future in Philadelphia. The Eagles quarterback delivered a humble response about the adversity he’s experienced during his career. “I think the big thing is don’t be afraid to fail,” Foles said. 
“In our society today, with Instagram and Twitter, it’s a highlight. It’s all the good things. When you look at it, you have a bad day, you think your life isn’t as good, you’re failing. Failure is a part of life. It’s a part of building character and growing. Without failure, who would you be? I wouldn’t be up here if I hadn’t fallen thousands of times, made mistakes. We all are human. We all have weaknesses. Just being able to share that and be transparent.

“I know when people speak and share their weaknesses, I listen. Because I can (relate). I’m not perfect. I’m not Superman. We might be in the NFL and we might have just won the Super Bowl, but we all have daily struggles. That’s where my faith comes in. That’s where my family comes in. I think when you look at a struggle in your life, just know that it’s an opportunity for your character to grow.”

It’ll be tough to find a more level-headed response than that after a Super Bowl win. Well said.

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January 2018 

Welcome to the 2nd edition of Sno-King monthly newsletter.  We hope you are enjoying reading the monthly communications and we welcome your feedback at  .  
What's Happening
‘Name The Newsletter’ Contest
Calling all SKAHA hockey players - we need your help to name the new Sno-King newsletter! The player with the winning name will receive a $100 gift card to the Kirkland team store. A selection committee made up of staff and Board members will choose the winner and it will be announced in the February newsletter (1).

The new name will debut in February. Start brainstorming and throwing your ideas into the ring! The deadline for entries is 5 p.m., February 2nd. Submit your suggestions by clicking here.

Here are a few guidelines for submissions:
  • Only one name per player allowed; please include the player name and team on the email with submission.
  • Multiple players in the same family may each make a submission; please send separate emails for each players entry.
  • The name should be relatively short - two to three words. It needs to fit on the masthead of the current newsletter.
  • It should express concepts related to hockey.
  • Be creative!
(1)  If multiple entries are made with the same suggested new name, all players names who submitted that suggested name will be thrown into a drawing for the gift card! Anyone not drawn would receive a $10 gift card to the Kirkland team store. Depending on entries, the newsletter staff may continue to use the existing name.
Sno-King Tournaments
We had a highly competitive 12U rec tournament this year with a couple tight division races that came down to the final game of the round-robin stage. Our SKAHA teams developed their team play and skills against some talented rec teams.  The championship game was played between the Juneau Capitals and Vancouver Thunderbirds with Juneau taking home the championship in a 4-1 game that was a one goal contest until the final few minutes. Thank you to all of our 12U REC teams for helping put on another successful MLK Tournament this past weekend. 

Our 14U C Presidents Day Tournament is February 16-19th and we are finishing up our preparations. Teams should be receiving the schedule for that in the coming weeks as well as the volunteer sign up sheet. We are excited to be hosting several Canadian associations that include teams from Arbutus, Seafair, Cloverdale, Coquitlam and more. 

As we get into our older age group tournaments, we are always looking for extra help as we have less teams to pull volunteers from. If you want to be a scorekeeper or sit in the penalty box, let us know and we'll contact you if we are in need. 

In the next issue we will provide information on the 8U Festival (March 3rd & 4th) as well as MHL playoffs (March 3rd, 4th, 11th & 12th). 

Spring and Summer Activities  
There are several programs that are in the works for this upcoming spring and summer in 2018!! These programs are sponsored or run by talented professional coaches and they will be held locally at the Kirkland and/or Renton Ice Arena’s.
These activities are still in the planning stages and therefore subject to change so continue to check for updates and individual promotions for the ones that catch your eye. There is something for almost all age groups and skill levels and each program provides the opportunity for a player to take a big step forward in their level of play while having fun. Please check out a brief outline of the programs here.
T-Bird Moment
As part of the Mite Fest, 8U Major White and 8U Major Blue played a cross-ice game during the Seattle Thunderbirds v Spokane Chiefs game January 6th at the ShoWare Center.
Carter Brooks, the goalie for 8U Blue, was chosen to line up with the Thunderbird starters on center ice- what a memorable experience for one of our youngest Sno-King players! 
“As a hockey player, you play for the team and for your teammates.  You never play for yourself.  This is not tennis where you’re alone on the court.  Hockey is a team game.“ --Luc Robitaille
Teaching Decision Making
The following 8U game day video was presented at a past USA hockey congress meeting. Sno-King Renton and Kirkland continue to be the premier age-appropriate sized hockey arenas for 8U development. The new hard boards have created a realistic hockey environment. The Renton small ice surface gives the player the feel of a real hockey experience with its own clock, benches and lines. This video re-emphasis how important decision making is and also how much open space a cross ice game still allows. The appropriate sized nets are also key to goalie development. We have seen enormous benefits from our 8U program as demonstrated when 8U players have advanced to the 10U level where our teams have been leading the way in the MHL B division. 8U is still all about FUN through games, both at practices and in competitive games. It is an age when players develop quick twitch muscles and the A,B,C’s of body movement…Agility, Balance and Coordination!
Go 8U players and coaches! Keep up the great work!

“Every strike brings me closer to a home run.” --Babe Ruth
New to Hockey?
There are several opportunities at Sno-King for those aspiring to get involved in hockey. In addition to the Beginner Hockey programs discussed below, the Learn to Skate program  provides coaching to anyone wanting to learn to ice skate and is taught by exceptional figure skating instructors at our ice arenas. Young future hockey players receive a good foundation of sound skating fundamentals. skating.

Beginner Hockey (Learn-to-Play) programs are offered at both the Renton and Kirkland Ice Arenas and serve approximately 300 players annually. There are 3 distinct programs and each class is full of smiles and sweaty-headed kids.

The Try Hockey program is open to anyone from age 4 to 10 and serves as an introduction to skating and hockey. This is a program that occurs periodically during the year. For more information go to (https://leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=79422&org=SNOKINGHOCKEY.COM).
Hockey 1 introduces brand-new beginners to the ins-and-outs of skating in full gear with our skilled instructors and an awesome obstacle course that keeps the kids moving for the whole class! The 120 kids currently in Hockey 2 are taught basic skills and then move to participate in actual games. We have 10 teams of eager, enthusiastic hockey players just itching to score their first goals! From Hockey 2, players move to a team in competitive league play.

You can find full information on our Learn-to-Play programs at snokinghockey.com under the Hockey Program Information tab, or go here: https://leagueathletics.com/Page.asp?n=57290&org=SNOKINGHOCKEY.COM

We always need and welcome helpers, so if you would like to come and help during the happiest hour of hockey each week, please email Beginner Director Jenn Wood at   to ask about volunteering. It is guaranteed to put a smile on your face! 

Find us on Facebook and Twitter @snokingbeginner  
8U & 10U Coach & Coordinator - Tony Lawrence
We are very thankful for all the coaches that enthusiastically volunteer their time and efforts and are fortunate to have exceptional coaching for our players.
Tony Lawrence
Tony grew up playing youth hockey in Minnesota, college hockey at the United States Air Force Academy and the University of Saint Thomas, and 3+ seasons of professional hockey in the ECHL/UHL.  His playing career included being named a two-time Division 3 All-American, runner-up for Division 3 Player of the Year, and team captain for multiple teams. 
Tony’s coaching career began in Minnesota at Simley HS for 2 seasons before moving to his alma mater (University of Saint Thomas) for 3 seasons of college hockey before moving to Seattle.  In total he has coached youth hockey for 7 years.  At Sno-King Tony is currently supporting the 8U teams in Renton (4 years as ADM Director and 5 years as an 8U coach) and 10U Rep teams (1 year as Director and 2 years as 10U coach).  Tony currently works at Amazon and lives in Issaquah with his wife Alisa and three sons who are in the Sno-King hockey program (Tristan 10U Rep (2007), Ashton 8U Major (2009), and Anders 8U Major (2011)).
Tony’s goal for the season:  Focus on teaching the fundamentals, while instilling a love for the game that will last a lifetime
Message to players:  Skating is the base for everything you do in hockey.  Take time to focus on your edge work and power skating to allow you to reach your playing goals.”
Team Manager Jody Robinson
Team Manager Jody Robinson
Jody has been a Sno-King team manager for five seasons, from 12U to her current team 16UA1. Jody is an outstanding team manager- enthusiastic, tireless, organized, a champion for her team! Being a team manager can be a thankless job, but Jody is always positive and cheerful- a pleasure to see around the rinks.
What makes Jody special is her contributions and help to other Sno-King managers- she is always willing to mentor new managers, helps train all the managers new to the Pacific Coast league, and is the go-to expert on all things Pacific Coast. Jody was recognized as Manager of the Year, and also lead her team through a national championship tournament last season. Thanks for all your efforts Jody!
Why be a team manager:  While being a team manager can be overwhelming and the duties are endless at times, you have the opportunity to make the season for BOTH the players and parents a memorable one whether it is a winning season or not.  
Manager Pro-Tip: Communicate with the parents/players OFTEN! Understand that you cannot make everyone happy with decisions you and the coaches make and make sure you get parent involvement to help you.  
Attention Alumni
Currently, over 800 players participate in hockey at Sno-King, from learn-to-skate to 18U teams. Sno-King has been in existence for over 50 years and we have a rich tradition of Building Players for Life. If you are an alumni of Sno-King, you are part of the fabric of that tradition and we want to be able to stay connected to you. We have an alumni event each year in September including the ability to participate in an alumni tournament and we hope to have other functions where alumni can reconnect with old friends. 
If you are an Alumni please go to the Alumni page on our website or if you know someone that is an Alumni encourage them to visit the Alumni Page.
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December 2018

Welcome To Your Newsletter! 
Greetings Sno-King community!  We are pleased to forward you the first edition of our community newsletter, The Sno-King Times. This newsletter is the first-step in a broader effort to communicate with you in a consistent and timely manner. Our goal is to provide relevant information so you feel informed regarding the many great community experiences currently thriving at Sno-King. A new issue will be coming out each month, however, the format and content are works in progress. Please feel free to provide us with any feedback you have regarding categories of information you feel would benefit the Sno-King Times. Email feedback to Brenda@SnoKingHockey.com.

A heartfelt thank you to all of the parents who took time to meet with me during the last few weeks. There were many good conversations and it was helpful for me to hear from you, as Sno-King begins this next chapter in a long history of successful youth hockey. As I mentioned at the meetings, please feel free to reach out to me at anytime.
We hope you are enjoying the hockey season. The staff at Sno-King joins me in wishing you a joyful holiday season!
- Dave Blanchard, Executive Director
What's Happening
Sno-King Tournaments
Sno-King plays host to several tournaments for our recreational teams from 8U through 14U with many teams from other Associations and Canada filling out the brackets. Here is some information on just some of the tournaments.

Thank you to all of the 10U teams and the families that helped make this year's Thanksgiving tournament a success. The visiting teams all had a great time and thanked us for being such great hosts.

Sno-King will be hosting its annual 12U C MLK Tournament from January 12th-15th. This will be a 16 team tournament with teams coming from British Columbia and Alaska. The tournament schedule will be sent out before the Winter Break.

The 14U C Presidents Day Tournament will be held February 16-19th. Be on the lookout for more information in the next newsletter.

Just a reminder that all games will be run by Sno-King volunteers. This means that we will need 3 volunteers per game to run the game clock, music, and scoresheet. It’s a great opportunity to be close to the action.
Skateworks Is Open! 
We’re so excited to welcome Skateworks to the Renton Ice Arena. Having a full service hockey equipment shop in our Renton facility puts world class service and equipment in the hands of our players, including CCM equipment and True hockey sticks. And while you’re there, be sure to check out their state of the art skate sharpeners, giving players the precision edge they need to stay at their best. Stop in today!
Holiday Hockey Clinics
From power skating, to attack skills, to 3 on 3, we have your child covered for their holiday hockey development needs. Take advantage of the break from school and treat your Jr. Thunderbird to some extra ice time so they can return from break stronger than ever with a grin from ear to ear! 

SKAHA Volunteers
Sno-King’s success is undoubtedly built on the willingness of it many generous and amazing volunteers to contribute to its vibrancy and health. From coaches, to clock operators, to tournament organizers and team managers, they make our amazing program the success it is. We are grateful for all the volunteer hours that so many of you contribute. There are several ways to volunteer, including at some upcoming tournaments. If you’re a volunteer working for a company providing matching funds for volunteer hours (such as Microsoft) please submit all your hours as matching programs are a significant source of funding for Sno-King’s operations.
SKAHA's ADM Aspects

SKAHA is proud to be a model Association for the USA Hockey ADM program. The principles of the American Development Model (“ADM”) approach to developing young hockey players are a cornerstone of our hockey program. Doug Kirton, SKAHA Hockey Director and PNAHA ADM Director says: “It is well known that hockey has become so fast and skilled that time and space are very limited. Players are forced to make quick decisions and those that learn that skill will excel at the older ages where playing in traffic is the norm and goals are scored and defended in the small area zones. Kids progress at incremental levels, 8u cross ice, 10u half ice and 12u full ice. Hockey has finally caught up to other sports like soccer, basketball and baseball when it comes to age appropriate training. Other areas of the country are following Washington’s lead!"
As to the benefits to the players, Jim Levin, 10U Rec Coordinator at SKAHA is a big supporter. “I have been a 10U head coach for 3 seasons. I was skeptical of the half ice concept at first but it did not take long for me to see the benefits. The games are played at a much faster pace and without as many stoppages. There are fewer breakaways; instead, players must use their skating and stick handling skills to create plays and they are forced to learn to play in tight spaces. The goalies face a lot more shots as well, and need to stay
engaged the entire game. Overall the half ice concept has been incredibly beneficial to our player development.”
Character Forward! 
Good sportsmanship encompasses many aspects of a person’s character. A player with sportsmanship respects both their teammates and their opponents as equals. A win that does not come fairly holds no satisfaction for them. It is demonstrated by treating others as you want to be treated, by being unselfish, by being humble in victories, and by having the proper perspective toward disappointments and losses.

Here’s a letter we received from the parent of an opposing player. This is one element of good sportsmanship we aim to continue building. Great job to all who were involved!

"We played you guys yesterday and were quite overwhelmed obviously by the talent on your team (we struggle). I wanted to let you know that your boys (and girls?) are awesome! Very nice kids and great sportsmanship. That being said, my son is the goalie for a 14UC team. Although he took the beating and was visibly upset at times, he came out of the locker room with a smile and said your team would encourage him after goals and compliment him on saves. As the Mom, I can't tell you how that warmed my heart! He's been in net exactly 1 year and it's his complete and total passion, so the encouragement your team gave him was immeasurable!

My son actually said he looks forward to playing you guys again! So thank you for the outstanding coaching and instilling such wonderful sportsmanship into your kiddos.”
Skills Coach - David Min
Skills Coach - David Min
David grew up playing for Sno-King, and Team Seattle, from 10U to 16U. As a 14U player, David received the John D MacDonald award, Sno-King’s most prestigious player award. David went on to play junior and prep hockey, and attended Asia pro-league camps. Most recently, David played two years in the USPHL. He has returned to the Seattle area to finish his college degree.
David’s goal for the season: Provide a fun and challenging experience for the players through drills and positive attitude.
Message to players: "Work on your SKATING!!! I see many players focusing heavily on puck skills compared to skating. I want players to understand the importance of skating and how it’s truly the foundation of all hockey skills.”
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Thank you to 4THEWIN Marketing and Dee Murphy for the work done to complete our first newsletter!