3 on 3 Hockey - Renton

FUN 3 on 3 games supervised by a coach that teaches through doing: puck protection(strong on the puck) · Give and Go’s · Communication &  Camaraderie · Doing more with less time and space · Quick hands, shot release and explosiveness · Competitive environment · Puck Support · Hockey Sense · Fewer players=more touches · Goalies get a lot of quick reaction shots. Have FUN while improving your game skills.

Times: 8U-  7:50am to 8:50am        10U-  9am to 10am

Starts: Every Sunday morning beginning April 8th

Ends: August 12th

Blackout Dates: April 29th

Levels: 8U 10U

Instructors:  David Min

Location: Renton 

Cost: $252 up front fee


Power Pro Elite Skatng and Hockey Development - Renton

11 sessions with former professional players Jamie Huscroft and Doug Kirton!!

Our PROs will focus on each player’s individual skating technique and the way their body works. We teach our students how to generate more speed while increasing agility. We work with each player to find their optimum technique and to recognize how to use it to their advantage. Customized training on

                         Dynamic Balance     Improving Coordination   Explosive Starts    Efficient Stopping     Powerful Strides   

                            Skating Efficiency         Quick Feet       Enhanced Speed     Lateral Movement    Increase Endurance

Times: 6pm to 7:10pm

Starts: Every Thursday beginning May 31st

Ends: August 9th

Levels: 8U 10U 12U 14U 16U

Instructors:  Jamie Huscroft, Doug Kirton and other guest instructors

Location: Renton

Cost: $385.00 or drop in $40 based on availability

Only 40 seats available

What to bring: Hockey equipment and water bottle




Mite Mondays:  8U/10U Games and Skills Clinic - Kirkland

Small-area games, 3 vs. 3, and more! Do you have a current or future Squirt or Mite (graduating Hockey 2 players are welcome)? Would your player like to skate in a fun and challenging weekly camp over the summer?

This will be a camp with an emphasis on FUN! Your player will gain valuable skills and experience while having a huge amount of fun. You will see them improve their skating and stickhandling while working hard and enjoying themselves. The first part of the camp will work on skills with small-area games and instruction, and the second half will be a fun 3v3 scrimmage. Come skate with us!

Times: 6pm to 7:10pm  

Starts: April 16th

Ends: August 6th

Blackout Dates: May 28th and July 2nd

Levels: 8U and 10U, and Up-Coming 8U (Graduating Hockey 2 players)

Instructor:  Jenn Wood

Location: Kirkland

Cost: $375.00

What to bring:  Hockey Equipment and Water Bottle


2018 Checking Clinics - Renton and Kirkland

This clinic includes off ice checking, video and two hours of on ice. It is designed for the hockey player ages 6 to 14 years old.  In the game of hockey it is important to know how to give and receive a check for obvious safety concerns.  In fact, 87% of all injuries that occur in hockey are directly related to body checking. Effective use of the body becomes more important at the older ages, learning good technique at an early age is critical. Availability is limited.(Click here for USA Hockey checking/contact information)

Body Contact (8U 10U 12U)
This section teaches safety, angling, stick checks, sweep checks, poke checks, puck protection, winning the one on one battles and separating your opponent from the puck while regaining control of the puck. We separate students into similar ages and skill sets.

Body Checking (14U)
This section teaches safety, angling, how to give and receive a check, hip checks, pinching, puck protection, winning the one on one battles,  separating your opponent from the puck and some defensive strategies.  We separate students into similar ages and groups. We will also use checking pads for safety.

Times: 9:30am to 3:15pm  

Dates Available:

  • June 22nd at Sno-King Kirkland
  • July 23rd at Sno-King Renton
  • August 6th at Sno-King Kirkland 

Levels: 8U, 10U, 12U, 14U

Instructor:  Doug Kirton

Location: Kirkland and Renton

Cost: $79.00




2018 Summer Hockey Camp for 8U 10U 12U - Renton

This camp is all about Skill Development including: power skating, stickhandling, passing, dryland workout, small area battle games, shooting area, street hockey, and daily videos of all aspects of hockey.

Times: 9:30am to 3:15pm daily

Starts: June 25th

Ends: June 29th

Levels: 8U 10U 12U

Instructors:  Doug Kirton and other guest instructors

Location: Renton

Cost: $365.00

What to bring: Hockey equipment, water bottle, extra snack, and street hockey stick


2018 Snipers - Renton

A camp for shooters to work together to improve their skills. We will demonstrate seven different shots that include: 

  • Wrist shot
  • Snap shot
  • Pull-in snap
  • Slap shot
  • Pass shot
  • Flip shots
  • Backhand chip

We will break down each shot into proper body positions, hand position on the stick, the shot and follow-through along with strategies for targeting and shot situations and selection.

Within these drills, we will be teaching the players the following…

  • Shooting power, velocity, and release
  • Puck management, protection, and confidence
  • Shooting accuracy, release speed and consistency
  • Shooting deception and reading the goalie
  • Shot methods and shooting selection
  • Proper hand and body positioning
  • Proper follow through and head position/vision
  • 2.15 hours of ice time daily

Dates:  July 14th 8AM to 10:15 AM  July 15th 10:10am  to 12:20pm

Levels: 8U 10U 12U 14U

Instructors:  Jamie Huscroft

Location: Renton

Cost: $140.00 for both days or $75 for one day option

What to bring:​ Hockey equipment and water bottle​


2018 Summer Goalie Camp - Renton

This camp is  for goalies who are serious about development.  Our instructors provide the best training to any goalie looking to bring their game to the next level.  Goalies will work on stance, angles, depth, tracking, save selection, post save recovery, situational play and puck handling. Our dryland training is goalie specific, meaning the exercises are tailored towards utilizing key muscle groups that goalies need to be quick and flexible in the net.

Times: 10:00am to 2:30pm daily

Starts: Monday, August 13th

Ends: Friday, August 17th

Levels: 8U 10U 12U 14U 16U

Instructors:  Goalie Coach: Shane Clifford      Dryland Coach: Mike Yaremko

Location: Renton 

Cost: $450.00

What to bring: Hockey equipment, water bottle, extra snack, and dryland clothing

2018 Get Ready 5 day all day Camp - Renton

Welcome to the 10th Annual Get Ready Hockey School….the Pacific Northwest’s biggest and best hockey school!!!!!

Get Ready Hockey School is an exciting youth hockey camp where girls and boys of all ages come to develop their athletic ability. Here they will learn important life skills through a variety of activities and experiences all while having fun and making lasting friendships….

Started back in 2009, Jamie Huscroft and Dan Murphy wanted to provide a hockey camp where kids could have fun and improve upon their skills….well…. 9 years later we can safely say we’ve seen over 1000 participants attend our camp and just as many smiles leave our doors at Sno-King Renton Ice Arena….

What makes the Get Ready Hockey Camp Unique? Here are just a few reasons why campers keep coming back to participate in our hockey school…

  • Get Ready Hockey School jerseys provided to each camper
  • New and exciting on ice drills designed to challenge skaters and goalies of all levels
  • Daily Dry-land activities designed so your child will have fun in a safe team building environment
  • Daily lunch provided to keep your camper fueled for their daily activities
  • Our flexible 1,2,3,4,5 day options are a popular choice for our busy families
  • Friday game day where your camper will play in a full ice game and show off his/her new skills
  • Friday afternoon family BBQ featuring fun for the whole family
  • Awesome BBQ provided for your whole family
  • A Dunk Tank where kids can have the last laugh with their instructors
  • Inflatable Water Slide for endless hours of fun

Our Goal for every participant….

We will promise to make every camper who attends our camp leave with a positive experience. We promote team-work, sportsmanship, respect and kindness to each other. Activities are based on these principles. Our counselors serve as role models for the campers and will do everything from tie skates to waiting in the lobby until every last child is picked up in the afternoon. We believe our camp should be fun and engage campers to perform their best and learn new skills. Jamie and Dan are determined to make this camp one your child will remember for a lifetime…

Times: 9am to 3pm daily

Starts: August 20th

Ends: August 24th

Levels: Beginners 8U 10U 12U 14U

Instructors:  Jamie Huscroft and Dan Murphy

Location: Renton

Cost: $450.00 or daily options

What to bring: Hockey equipment, water bottle, extra snack and street hockey stick.​


Turcotte Stick Handling - Renton 


This camp is all about Stickhandling to become a better team player and raise the level of not only your game but your teammates!   Most importantly, everyone will enjoy the game more and have much more fun playing it!

  • Learn to make fakes and moves to go around and beat the opponents.
  • Open up passing lanes and increase scoring opportunities for you and your linemates.
  • Create more space and buy more time for yourself in order to make a play.
  • Learn to how to feel and control the puck on your stick without looking at it. This allows you to see the ice, analyze the situation in order to make better decisions
  • Automatically improving passing and pass receiving skills.

Times: 1:00pm-3:00pm (4 days- 2hours per day) 

Starts: Monday, July 30, 2018

Ends: Thursday, August 2, 2018

Levels: 8U/10U/12U

Location: Renton Ice Arena

Cost: $285 $30.00 for goalies

Payment policy: A $100 deposit (non-refundable) is required at the time of registration. Cancellations received after the start of the session will forfeit all payments.