We are a non-profit, volunteer organization dedicated to teaching boys and girls the sport of lacrosse. We facilitate opportunities for them to participate in local sporting events, competitions and programs that are positive and developmental.

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HW girls lacrosse families - 

It doesn’t seem like it right now, but the start of lacrosse season is just around the corner!  Outdoor practices officially start the first week of April, field availability pending.  We are also trying to book some indoor space during February adn March.  More information soon on both practice schedules.  Here is some information to get you ready for the season:
** Dick’s or Lacrosse Unlimited in Danvers are good places to purchase equipment **
  • Colored mouthguard (NOT white or clear)
  • Goggles that meet ASTM 3077 standard - see list here.  Most goggles will fall in this category, but please check before purchase
  • Lacrosse stick
  • Cleats / turf shoes / sneakers
Lacrosse stick info
  • Lacrosse stick length - Girls that play with too long of a stick will not be able to cradle or throw the ball effectively.  Sticks can be cut to any length to fit players at the youth level, but I would also advise against cutting too short as your daughter will continue to grow and you don’t want to purchase new sticks every year.  Please see your coach if you aren’t sure what length to cut your stick too and if you need a place to cut, let us know.
  • Girls lacrosse pocket size varies for age groups:
    • U9 (2nd grade) - NO limitation on pocket depth, make deep pockets for the girls this age, will help so much in catching and cradling.
    • U11 (3rd / 4th grade) - Modified pocket, this is still a pretty deep pocket.  Just make sure that you cannot see more than half of the ball below the sidewall.  Again, the deeper the pocket at this age level, the more success your daughter will have.
    • U13 (5th / 6th grade) - Regular pocket rule - you must be able to see a portion of the ball above the sidewall - please see this video for help
    • U15 (7th / 8th grade) - Regular pocket rule - you must be able to see a portion of the ball above the sidewall - please see this video for help
  • See this video for information on how to tighten / loosen pocket strings
  • Game schedules are currently being worked on by the league
  • Games will be on Sundays from 4/7 - 6/9 
  • Times will vary each week
  • Please let your coach know asap if you cannot make a game, we need to make sure we have enough players each week for the games as fields and refs are already booked 
  • Our regular game season will conclude with a jamboree weekend
  • Uniforms will be the same as last year.
  • If you are new to HW lacrosse or lost your uniform or it does not fit any more, you will need to purchase a new unfirom this year.
  • It usually takes about 3-4 weeks for uniforms to process. 
  • We will have U13 and U15 select teams this year
  • Games start Fri 4/26 for 6 weeks
  • More information to come regarding tryouts and select season
  • Once girls are assigned to a team, all communication will come from the coach of that team, including practice / game updates
  • Please like ‘Hamilton Wenham Girls Lacrosse’ Facebook page
  • The league we play in is “MBGLL” (Mass Bay Girls Lacrosse League) if you want to also follow them on Facebook.  They follow US Lacrosse youth guidelines and rules.
Goalies play in the games at every age group (U9 is optional goalie).  Girls often don’t want to play goalie and it is understandable as it can be scary to have a ball thrown at you.  We let girls volunteer for goalie and if no one volunteers, we will ask players to play a half in goal, with the plan to have every player take a turn.  It is important for girls to take a turn playing goalie as they get a better appreciation and understanding of how important defense is and how defense needs to be played with a 100% effort.  Girls are fully padded with helmets on.  As girls get older, some show a real liking to playing goal and this is something to be encouraged.  Goalie is an incredibly skilled spot on the field and takes tremendous hand-eye coordination.  Skilled goalies are incredibly sought out at all levels of lacrosse, much more so than other positions on the field.  IF your daughter enoys playing goalie and wants goalie specific practice please let your coach know so we can plan practice time accordingly and / or refer you to local clubs for specific goalie training.
Lacrosse Commitment
Lacrosse is a hard sport to learn.  It requires a lot of hand-eye coordination and a lot of practice to master the skills needed to be successful on the field.  Lacrosse rules are also modified to keep the game safe at the younger levels.  Meaning, girls cannot ‘check’ sticks at the younger levels and only modified checking is allowed at the older levels.  Because of this, games are often very high scoring as girls can run freely with the ball.  We stress strong person to person defense at the younger ages.  The game changes tremendously as the girls get older, especially in the high school years and gets really fun and fast.  We know that these girls are all very busy and we want them to learn and love this fun game, but they need to show up to practices and games in order to really understand both the complicated rules and to get in the repetitions needed to master the skills.  We can’t help them improve if they don’t show up.  Unless your daughter plays club, this is the only season for lacrosse and we ask that as a family, you try to make a commitment to this spring season of lacrosse.  
Looking forward to the start of the season!!