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Concussion Signs and Symptoms Evaluation

Symptoms reported by athlete:
• Headache
• Nausea or vomiting
• Balance problems or dizziness
• Double or fuzzy vision
• Sensitivity to light or noise
• Feeling sluggish
• Feeling foggy
• Change in sleep pattern
• Concentration or memory problems
• Light-headedness
• Easily fatigued
• Confusion

Signs observed by staff:
• Appears to be dazed or stunned
• Unsure of game score or opponent
• Lack of coordination
• Poor reaction time
• Losses consciousness (even temporarily)
• Shows behavior, mood or personality change
• Forgets events prior to injury (retrograde)
• Unequal or dilated pupils
• Bleeding or clear fluid coming from nose or ears

Athlete should not return to play until evaluated by a medical professional and is symptom-free at rest and with exertion. On-field Cognitive Testing

On-field Cognitive Testing

Ask the athlete the following questions:
• What stadium is this?
• What city is this?
• Who is the opposing team?
• What month is it?
• What day is it?

Ask the athlete to remember the following words:
• Girl, dog, green

Ask the athlete the following questions:
• What happened in the prior quarter/period?
• What do you remember just prior to the hit?
• What was the score of the game prior to the hit?

Ask the athlete to do the following:
• Repeat the days of the week backwards
• Repeat these numbers backwards: 63 (36 is correct); 419 (914 is correct)

Ask the athlete to repeat the three words from earlier.
• (Girl, dog, green)

Any failure should be considered abnormal.
Consult a physician following a suspected concussion.