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Durant Lacrosse is committed to providing a safe, fun and learning experience for the Players.  The Program goals are intended to encourage the Players to succeed on and off the field through team commitment and friendships, improving skills, physical fitness, good sportsmanship, respectful behavior, academic achievement and positive citizenship.

Players, Coaches and Parents conduct should foster the goals of the Durant Lacrosse program.  Players, Coaches and Parents will not act in a way that demonstrates disrespect for the game officials, players, coaches or parents of the Durant teams or of the opposing teams.


It is a privilege and an honor to be a member of the Durant Lacrosse Team. Being a member of the team is a position of responsibility and accountability.  A Durant Lacrosse Player is held to a higher standard of conduct than the general student at DISD.  Students and their parent/guardian must sign and adhere to the following pledge as a condition of participation in Durant Lacrosse.

  1. Abstain from the use or possession of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia, alcoholic beverages and tobacco.
  2. Follow the spirit and letter of the rules and regulations of the Durant Independent School District and Durant Lacrosse at all practices and games for any and all sporting events.
  3. Refrain from disrespectful or harassing acts of texting and/or calling, including Facebook postings, Twitter updates or other social networking sites either under your name or an alias name under your use to any person or a team member.
  4. Refrain from bullying and harassing or any form of physical violence or any act of physical aggression or property damage of any person or a team member.
  5. Attend with punctuality all classes, scheduled practices and games.   If you are unable to make a practice or game, it is your responsibility to obtain advance approval by the Head Coach of your team.
  6. Treat teachers, opposing coaches, peers, and competitors with respect. Refrain from the use of profanity, poor sportsmanship and hazing.
  7. Be a positive role model for the players, coaches and the Durant Lacrosse Club in attitude, appearance, and behavior.
  8. Treat the City of Durant and competitors’ facilities and equipment with care and respect.
  9. Follow, trust and commit to the decisions of the Coaches and Durant Board of Directors.


Violations of the pledge and/or obtaining an unsportsmanlike penalty during a game will result in consequences for such violations as determined by the Head Coach of the Player’s team.  A Player will have the opportunity to discuss with his Coach the facts involved in the violation before a decision is made regarding any disciplinary action to be imposed.

First Offense

•      Suspension from current or nearest competitive season or activity for a period of up to three (3) games.

•       A Student may self-report to his Coach and receive a lesser suspension if agreed by the Head Coach.

Second Offense

•       Suspension from current or nearest competitive season or activity for a period of up to six (6) games.

•       Self-report by Student does not apply after first offense.

Third Offense

•       Suspension from the team for a period of up to one calendar year. After the suspension, the Board of Directors will determine reinstatement. Reinstatement will be based on academic record, attendance, behavior record and any other available information deemed appropriate for review.

•      Any offense; which occurs after reinstatement will be treated as a third offense.

Durant Lacrosse adheres to the DISD OSSAA Academic Eligibility Requirements.  Please read below for more information and details pertaining to this policy:

·        At the end of the six weeks grading period, the players’ coach will request players to bring a copy of the original DISD report card sent home to parents. (copies from the online grade report will not be accepted).

Coaches will give players a deadline to submit their grade report and if a player does not adhere to this deadline, he will not be allowed to practice until he has shown his grades to his coach.

If the student has a grade of 65 or above in all subjects, the coach will check him off his list to confirm the player has submitted his grade report and that the report card has been given back to the player.  He is then cleared to play.

Any player with a grade of 64 or below is ineligible for a 3-week period.

A player may regain eligibility when his coach has reviewed the 3-week mid-term report to see that his grade is above a 70 and the player is now passing.  If the player still is not passing by the mid-term grade then he sits out another six weeks.

Students with an “Incomplete” instead of a final grade are ineligible until the “I” is replaced with a passing grade.

While a player is serving his suspension, the player is allowed to practice but may not play in games.  However, if he needs more time for tutors, homework, etc. then he is excused from practice.

As a condition to practice and play for Durant Lacrosse, the Player and the Player’s Parents understand and agree to the Durant Lacrosse Code of Conduct, Conduct Violations and Grade Policy.