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1. Who can play for the Durant Lacrosse Association?

All 1st grade through High school Texoma Area students – boys and girls. Texoma as in North Texas and Southern Oklahoma. Everyone is welcome from any school or even home school. Bryan, Marshall, Johnston, Atoka, Carter, Pontotoc, Hugo, Grayson, etc. Note: We will have practices in Durant, OK.

2. What is the cost to practice with Durant Lacrosse?

Our 2016 Summer Lacrosse Intro Camp cost is $60, which covers insurance, a stick, ball, uniform jersey, and individual photo for everyone. The deadline to register for the Winter 2016 Lacrosse Camp is June 24th, 2016.

3. Are there any other costs to play for Durant Lacrosse?

Durant Lacrosse is not affiliated with any schools, administrations, or school districts. This means that the players and parents fully fund the Durant Lacrosse Association.

2016 Spring High School Dues are as follows: $275 per player.

$100  towards the purchase of uniforms, home, away, shooter shirt, and shorts.

$175 towards the paying of league dues to the Heartland Lacrosse League, referee fees for all other games, and field facilities/team equipment.

2016 Summer Youth and Middle School Lacrosse Camp is $60.

All players will receive a lacrosse stick, practice jersey, lacrosse ball, individual professional individual photo, and a membership to US Lacrosse for insurance purposes.

4. What if I can’t afford to pay for my son/daughter to play?

Special consideration maybe made for families that cannot afford to pay due to financial difficulties. Ultimately, money should not be the reason someone cannot play.

5. Where and when do you practice?

The Summer camps will all take place at the Durant Boys and Girls Club Field starting at 6:30pm and going until 8:15pm. The beginners camp is one day per week and the intermediate camp is twice per week.

The Durant HS team practices in Durant, OK at Billy Miller Field #2 (just on the South side of Durant – South 5th St). During Football season the team practices every Monday night from 6:30pm to 8:30pm. Once football season ends, we will begin practices –Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday walkthrough practice from 6:30-9:15pm – Every week.

The Girls Durant Lacrosse HS team practices in Durant, OK at Billy Miller Field #2 on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday walkthrough practice from 5:30-6:30pm – Every week.

6. When does the season start?

Lacrosse is played all year around. The main lacrosse season begins in January and runs through May. There will also be Summer and Fall Lacrosse in addition to the normal lacrosse season in the spring. Practices to prepare for the Spring season begin as soon as football ends (i.e. – Early November).

7. Is there an Organized Lacrosse League?

Yes, the Durant HS Lacrosse team plays in the Heartland Lacrosse League with over 16 teams from Missouri, Oklahoma, and Arkansas. The club will also play out of conference games against teams from Texas, Kansas, and Louisiana.

Currently the HS program will play 23 games beginning in early January and play through the middle of May 2016.

8. Is Lacrosse a School Sanctioned Sport?

Currently Lacrosse is not a school sanctioned sport in TX or OK. It is a club level sport with over 200 teams in TX and 16 teams in OK.

9. What equipment is needed to practice?

For players whom are learning and are new to the sport, the only equipment needed is a pair of football or soccer cleats, shorts and athletic shirt. Sticks will be provided for these players. For our 2016 indoor camp, any athletic court shoes will work great.

Our High School program was awarded a National Grant which means that the high school players will not need to purchase equipment other than a more advanced stick.

For our Youth and Middle School players, the purchase of equipment will be a requirement for non introductory camps. Durant Lacrosse has been in negotiation with numerous companies which have priced a complete set of equipment at less than $180 for the helmet, shoulder pads, arm pads, gloves, and a stick.

Another avenue is purchasing used equipment through eBay or second hand sporting stores for roughly $100.

All helmets at the middle school and youth levels must be completely white in color. No exceptions.

Note: Durant Lacrosse strongly advises against the purchasing of any used lacrosse helmets due to safety purposes and the inability to insure the safety of the helmet.

10. Is lacrosse a safe sport? How rough is it?

Lacrosse is one of the safest sports due to the technology in the equipment, helmets and the rules which limit excessive contact. The sport can be rough however the players are protected by pads.

11. Do you have a website or Social Media outlets?

Yes. DurantLacrosse.com. The club is on Facebook, Twitter, and Vine.

12. Are there college scholarship opportunities in lacrosse?

Due to the popularity surge in Lacrosse more and more colleges are beginning to add it as a Varsity Sport. There are numerous opportunities around the country for college scholarships to be earned. There are currently two Scholarship Men’s Team (St Gregory’s University and Bacone College) and one Scholarship Women’s Team (Oklahoma Baptist University) both located in Shawnee, Oklahoma. There are two scholarship Men’s Teams in Texas – Southwestern University in Georgetown, TX and there is the University of Dallas in Dallas, TX

As of the Spring 2015 the Durant Lacrosse club has successfully aided Caddo HS Senior, Allen Baker, to obtain an athletic scholarship to play for the St Gregory’s University Cavaliers Lacrosse Program.

The following players have graduated from Durant Lacrosse and will continue playing lacrosse at the collegiate club level:

Blaise Gorges – United States Naval Academy

Truman Burrage – Harvard

Gavin Grey – Univ. of Oklahoma

Grant Lane – Texas State Univ.

Cole Chlouber – Oklahoma Baptist Univ.

Jordan Hutchings – Oklahoma Baptist Univ.

Texoma successfully has 7 of 9 high school seniors continuing on playing lacrosse at the collegiate level. Congratulations to all the seniors for your hard work and dedication!!

13. I have another question(s) who can I contact to ask them?

Coach Mike Delloro is available by cell phone until 9pm at 580-380-7664