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8. Scholarships and Financial Aid

NCJLA Player Scholarship Application 

The NCJLA has a scholarship program that can reimburse clubs up to 50% of the financial aid offered to families who have an approved financial aid application request on file with their club. Clubs need to have a current, working, established financial aid policy that is made publicly available to all club families. Each year, the NCJLA Board approves a budget for financial aid reimbursement for the upcoming season. Click here for the program scholarship application form.

NCJLA Team Scholarship Application

In order to remove the financial barrier to entry into the sport of lacrosse, the NCJLA offers the 10UB TEAM SCHOLARSHIP. The specific scholarship amounts are announced at the Delegates Meeting each September. In order to qualify teams, must be registered, meet scheduling requirements outlined in the annual Scheduling Appendix for their division and submit their application on time (see below). The NCJLA Board of Directors will review the application and award the team(s) based on need and the number of applications received that year.

Award process for NCJLA Scholarships

Applications are due January 30th of each year via an online form on the NCJLA website under the club administrators tab. The NCJLA Executive Director will contact the Club President once the award amount has been determined. Clubs will receive the award amount as a credit to their season officials fee invoice. Should a club not have an official’s invoice for that year, the Executive Director will contact the Club President to make other arrangements to deliver the funds. This process applies to the NCJLA Player and Team Scholarships.

NCJLA Fundraising Agreement

The NCJLA coordinates end of season and special events for the membership throughout the year. These events require staff and/or volunteers to assist with event set up, break down, parking monitors etc. For some events the NCJLA Board of Directors allocate funds for event staff. If your club is interested in working these events as a fundraiser please read the NCJLA Fundraising Agreement and email execdirector@ncjla.org to apply. Applications are due by Jan 30th and organizations/clubs are selected for the events are notified by Feb 10th of each year.

Officials Recruitment Scholarship

The NCJLA offers a scholarship to newly recruited adult officials to offset the costs of becoming an official. The scholarship typically covers their US Lacrosse membership and uniform. Recruits must register on the NCJLA website under the Club Administrators tab (Officials Sign Up Form). Once the recruit completes training and works 10 NCJLA games they become eligible for payment. The NCJLA sends each officials organization the funds to be paid to the official through Arbiter Pay. Each club is required to recruit 1 adult per season.

Please see Officials section of the Operations Guide for how to become and official for your club.

Other sources of Financial Aid

The NorCal Chapter of US Lacrosse, NorCal Lacrosse Foundation, and  US Lacrosse annually offer grants, loans and scholarships. Please visit their website for information and instructions to apply.

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