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Baseball Association 191

  Diamond Partners Program


Baseball 191 (BA-191) is a volunteer led not for profit organization promoting youth baseball as a character building activity, primarily, but not exclusively, in the attendance of School District 191.   BA-191 sponsors and supports the American Legion baseball program as well as other High School aged and beyond programs.  In addition, BA-191, from time-to-time, makes charitable contribution from its fund raising and charitable gambling to support other youth related activities/organization in Burnsville and other communities.  BA-191 has been serving the community since 1992 and worked with the City of Burnsville to develop two of the finest youth baseball fields in the state.

With the approval of the Burnsville City Council, Baseball Association 191, in the early spring of 2010, initiated a campaign to raise funds for its Avenues of Flags project that would place American Flags on the  over 200 lampposts along Burnsville Parkway and Nicollet Avenue in the area that is part of Burnsville’s Heart of the City development.  The plan was to create an arch of American Flags that pedestrians and motorists would pass through in their travels through this major thoroughfare in Burnsville, thus demonstrating the civic pride of being an American.

BA-191 worked with the City of Burnsville on this project and collaborated directly with the Burnsville Community Foundation and both Rotary Clubs.  Indirectly, BA 191 also sought out and received the support of the Chamber of Commerce members and other local businesses.  Together with these organizations, BA 191 has worked to bring the city together with other businesses and organizations to create this positive visual enhancement without the use of city tax dollars.

Over the years, BA 191 has raised and wisely invested over $1 million in contributions to the city for baseball fields and to other community groups to support youth work.  More than 1000 young people have participated in the youth baseball programs supported by BA 191 over the years.  These young people have represented themselves and their community throughout the state, region and nation in a positive way.  BA 191 is a permanent part of the youth development and philanthropic landscape of the region and will, with your partnership, remain for the foreseeable future.

BA 191 is a role model for leadership that youth can copy and use throughout life.  BA 191 has engaged leadership from a variety of community groups as volunteers and provided training to youth in order to develop the next generation of coaches and mentors.

You are invited to join our next endeavor and become a “DIAMOND PARTNER” of Baseball Association 191.  We have created this partnership with local businesses and community organizations to further the mission of BA 191, to support our youth and serve our community.