Greater Manassas Baseball League is a volunteer organization serving the youth of the Cities of Manassas, Manassas Park, Prince William County, Fauquier County, Clifton and Centerville.

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Rules 8U Baseball Machine Pitch


  • 8U Division is machine pitch.  Louisville Slugger Black Sling Machine (43 mph). Speed setting will be on 10.  
  • Manager/Assistant Coach will work pitching machine when their team is hitting.
  • To qualify as 8u, the player must be born on or after 5/1/12.
  • 8U 5 pitch limit - if 5th pitch is fouled off the batter continues hitting until the ball is put in play or he/she strikeouts.
  • No lead offs or steals.  Leave base on contact.
  • Play is declared dead once the lead runner is contained or gives himself up from advancing.  Throwing the ball back to the pitcher will not “kill” the play.
  • Bunting and fake bunting is allowed.
  • No slash bunting allowed(i.e. Fake bunt then swing.  Result regardless of contact or not is dead ball, runners return, batter is automatically out)
  • The player that assumes the pitcher’s position must remain within the “mound” 8-ft.-diameter circle, behind the machine, and on one side or the other until the ball is hit.  If the pitcher violates any of these requirements, then (1) The play will stand, even if the pitcher is involved in the play, and (2) The umpire(s) will warn the violating pitcher’s manager that if that same pitcher violates one or both requirements again, he/she will have to be removed fromt the pitcher’s position.  The player can assume another position but cannot re-enter as a pitcher in that game.  The player may not be ejected from the game for this infraction.  First base and third base may charge as close as they wish when a player shows bunt.
  • If a batted fair ball hits any part of the pitching machine without touching any defensive player first, the ball is immediately dead.  The batter will be awarded first base.  All other runners return to the base that they occupied before the ball was hit unless forced to advance as a result of the batter being awarded first base.  If a batted ball fair ball is first touched by a defensive player and then hits any part of the pitching machine, it is a live ball.
  • 5 run rule per inning except the 6th inning will be unlimited.
  • No more than 10 players will play on defense at a time (4 outfielders must start play in the grass). You may start and end with 8.
  • No defensive coaches.  Coaches are allowed in their general “dugout area” but are not permitted down the lines or on the opposite side of the field.
  • Courtesy runner at any time for the catcher of record.



All other rules not in this document will be followed on the main rules page for the tournament.