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Baseball Association 191 

Baseball Association 191 (BA191) is a volunteer led not for profit organization promoting youth baseball as a character building activity, primarily, but not exclusively, in the attendance area of Independent School District 191.   BA191 sponsors and supports the American Legion baseball program as well as other High School aged and beyond programs.  BA191 has been serving the community since 1992 and worked with the City of Burnsville to develop two of the finest youth baseball fields in the state.

Over the years, BA191 has raised and wisely invested over $1 million in contributions to the city for baseball fields and to other community groups that support youth work.  More than 1000 young people have participated in the youth baseball programs supported by BA191 and have represented themselves and their community throughout the state, region and nation in a positive way. 

BA191’s heartfelt desire is to continue to be a permanent part of the youth development and philanthropic landscape of the region.  They want to be viewed as a role model for leadership that youth can emulate and will actively play a role in developing the next generation of coaches and mentors through the engagement of leaders from community groups as volunteers and by providing the training that will motivate players to stay in the game after their playing days are over. 


BA191 is a volunteer run organization. Board members for BA191 are:  Robert Weber (President), Bill Streff (Treasurer), Jeff Olson (Secretary),  Mike Holmquist, James Meyer, Scott Bauer, Jeff Clarkin, Mitchell Weber, and Keith Bunnell.




We shall provide our 16-19 year old youth the opportunity to experience very competitive levels of baseball. 

We shall foster a baseball tradition in our community in cooperation with local athletic clubs and schools.

We shall partner with other organization in our community to ensure that our youth and young adults have the best possible chance to learn from team oriented athletic contest and cultivate life long skills.