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Rules for Brown County Football League

  1. A student may not participate in football if his birthday makes him fifteen (15) years of age on or before September 1 of that year. No 8th grade student on 7th grade team.
  2. The accepted ball for all league games is the Wilson TDS (8th grade) and the Wilson TDY (7th grade). Either leather or composite is acceptable. Home team will provide the game ball, to be used by both teams.
  3. Each game shall consist of 4 quarters. 7 minutes for 7th grade, 8 minutes for 8th grade. 5 minute half-time break.
  4. WEIGHT RULE (See More)

    To carry the ball: (All offensive ends and backs)
    7th grade maximum: 155 lbs. in full gear, helmet to shoes.
    8th grade maximum: 170 lbs. in full gear, helmet to shoes.
    Exceptions to this Weight Rule:
    1. Any recovered fumble, offensive or defensive.
    2. An intercepted pass by the defense.
    3. A deflected pass caught by the offense
    4. Front two lines of kick off return team on short or onside kickoff.
  5. Cleats shall be leather, nylon, plastic or rubber. Any material which does not chip or develop a cutting edge. Can be removable studs or projections not to exceed 1/2 inch in length. See page 12 of The Football Rule Book (W.I.A.A.)
  6. W.I.A.A. rules are to be followed.
  7. Three officials will be assigned by the home school.
  8. 35 point lead running clock rule applies. There will be a running clock when a team is leading by 35 points or more in the second half. (clock stops on touchdowns, injuries, or timeouts.)
  9. 3 timeouts per half for both 7th and 8th grade games.
  10. All games will be pre-scheduled before the season. Any conflicts are to be resolved by the schools involved.
  11. For purposes of safety, all schools must carry a first-aid kit to both home and away games.
  12. Game days vary according to the availability of home fields. Tuesday has been the most common game day in the past.
  13. There will be no league awards or dues for football.
  14. All players that are dressed must participate in the game.

* Those schools without lights are eager to get games going as soon as possible. If you are traveling to a non-lighted field, please be as prompt as you can be, and have your 8th grade team warmed up and ready to play immediately after the completion of the 7th grade game.

Standardize the enforcement of the weight limits for the league.


  • Each team will be assigned a weigh-in date, the second week of the season. Weigh-In will be conducted by the Ashwaubenon Lions  at least one week prior to the first game. A certified scale will be used for weigh-in.
  • Coaches & Board members are responsible for communicating this mandatory weigh-in date to their respective football athletes and parents.
  • A coach must produce a typed season roster with the following information for all players: first and last name, jersey number, grade in school, and an open column for the athletic director to record the athlete’s weight.
  • Athletes must weigh-in wearing full equipment—helmet to shoes.
  • Athletes who meet the weight requirement (7th-max of 155 / 8th- max of 170) will be given a sticker on their helmet identifying them as a legal ball carrier for the remainder of the season. The weight limit will be strictly enforced- 7th- 155 max / 8th- 170 max.
  • Once the athlete has weighed in, the decision is final for the remainder of the season- there will be no repeat weigh-ins in an attempt to drop weight and become a legal ball carrier at a later time in the season.
  • After all athletes have been weighed, the Board of Directors shall mail season rosters to each school identifying legal ball carrying athletes.
  • Athletes who miss the mandatory weigh-in date will have a unified make-up date the week prior to the league’s first game. The date and location will be communicated to the school’s Athletic Director the week following the original weigh-in date. Schools are responsible for communicating this make-up weigh-in date to their respective football athletes and parents.
  • Practice may begin no earlier than three weeks prior to the first game.

There has been an addition to the Lions Club list of guidelines and policies – this is relevant specifically to Social Media – this has been in effect since September 25th.


G. Students involved in interscholastic activities are representatives of our school (Parkview Middle School) and are expected to set forth a positive image at all times. Students can and will be removed from inter-scholastics for unacceptable behavior or poor grades. Coaches have the right to remove athletes from the team for repeated absence or misbehavior.


When a coach has deemed an incident as “unacceptable behavior” as related to an event, language, bullying and or misconduct on a social media forum, the following disciplinary actions can and will be adhered to…


1st   - Offense - Meeting with all coaches to discuss the incident of unacceptable behavior with the Student Athlete noting the next two steps in the process.

2nd - Offense - Meeting with the head coach, the student athlete, the parent(s) and the Athletic Director of Parkview Middle School (if applicable) to discuss the continuing incident of unacceptable behavior, noting if there is a third incident the final consequence will follow – noting the final step in the process.

3rd     Offense - The student will be asked to leave the program, officer Penza (or acting school officer liaison) will be notified of the situation along with the parents, coaches and board.  This will be done in written form by the coach with dates of the infractions to include conversations.