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Single A (T-Ball)
Ages 4-5 as of April 30, 2020
Fall Sign up NOW July 8th- Aug 12th 2019.

Mission: Teach sportsmanship, teamwork, begin to develop basic baseball skills and most importantly... HAVE FUN!!!!


T-Ball is the first "Team Sport" experience for many children and our goal is to make that experience a great one. To support this goal, the objectives of the T-Ball program are to teach sportsmanship, teamwork, and begin to develop basic baseball skills. To ensure we focus on these objectives, no score is kept in T-Ball. In this learning environment, the younger players will be nurtured with a batting tee and more experienced children will be allowed to hit a pitched ball (machine pitch).

MARA T-Ball has been a terrific experience for the children, but we can’t provide this experience without volunteers. All parents are encouraged to participate in some fashion, whether as a coach, team parent, dugout helper.  WE NEED COACHES!  YOU DON'T HAVE TO KNOW BASEBALL TO COACH TBALL!  EVERY PRACTICE/GAME WILL HAVE AT LEAST 5 HELPERS. FALL TBALL TURNED AWAY 50+ KIDS DUE TO LACK OF COACHES!
If you would like to be a head coach. Please contact me: daniellemeadows14@gmail.com. As a coach you have alot of flexibilty. You get to pick every pracitce day and time as well as games. Dates to know:
1.) "Try-it" day:  August 18th 4pm-5pm EST- if your child is or is not registered. This is a day to "try it" before you register. Its just an hour of fun drills.
2.) Coaches Meeting: August 25th 4pm-6pm: MANDATORY meeting for Head Coaches ( assistant coaches please attend if you can). 
When filling out the application, take the time to choose one of the areas where you can help support MARA athletics.  If you are planning on coaching, you must attend the coaches Meeting - ABOVE MARA CONCESSION STAND FROM 4-6.  YOU WILL CREATE YOUR OWN SCHEDULE AND SELECT YOUR TEAM.  WE ARE VERY VERY FLEXIBILE IN TBALL.  Coaching T-ball is very different than coaching baseball!  If you have kids and can schedule activities, you can coach Tball.  We've used sibilings, grandparents, etc... to provide one on one instruction.
This year we will do our best to keep younger kids on one team and older kids on another team. This is more for safety. Based on the age requirement we will have some 3 year olds and potentially some 6 year olds that have never played before. We will do the best we can to put you on a team that you want but just know we will go by your childs age first and then have requests after that. Thank you for understanding.

Thanks to all who participate as volunteers in making our league a success. Without your help it would not be possible. If you have any questions please feel free to email:  Danielle Meadows  iellemeadows14@gmail.com


Information Sheet


T-Ball may be the first "team activity" experience many children/parents have and our goal is to make that experience a great one. Our primary focus is to have fun while introducing the sport as a game to enjoy.  Our focus will be on teaching listening skills, running the bases, learning how to properly throw, catch and hit.  At this level, “if wiling” the parents are heavily involved in both practices / games.  Volunteers can be full or part time – Coaches and Team Mom / dugout helpers.

Baseball rules - we are very flexible, i.e., you may see 5 Outfielders, 3 Pitchers and a parent helping 1-2 players in the field.  The goal is to keep the players active and involved. 

Coaches’ clinic will share “lessons learned & best practices;” select teams; create a practice & game schedule and keep parents updated.  Parents can expect no more than two baseball practices/games each week lasting an hour.  Note – we do not keep score; there are no outs recorded and each team bats entire roster to end an inning. Our schedule will be front loaded with practices before we play games.

How to prepare for T-ball?  Use a tennis ball and introduce a “game” of bouncing the ball against a wall (without a glove).  This simple repetitive action will support our efforts moving forward. The more you work with your child, the better their experience will be!


T-Ball FAQs and Dates:

  1. Boy/Girl ages 4 & 5 as of  4/30/2020 (age exceptions will be considered) – Cost is $135.  This includes Hat & Shirt, T-balls, trophies and use of fields.

  2. Glove (soft, but not too small) Bat (don’t spend a lot); Gym Shoes/Rubber Spikes; Helmet, Baseball Pants ok, but not provided. Wal-mart or Dicks usually have what you need.

  3. Registration is open mid-late July (check marasports.org) and closes TBD, midnight - Don’t wait, teams fill up fast.

  4. No try outs, but a “Try It” day to determine if you like T-Ball – TBD Mara (back field) #6.

  5. Mandatory Coaches clinic – Sunday TBD MARA board room (above concession stand) Teams selected (10) players per team

  6. Coaches will call parents week of TBD - Parents notified of teams, coaches and schedules

  7. Start of season – TBD more than likely practice for Tball; usually one night a week M-Th - start at 6pm- 7pm; games on Saturdays usually sometime between 9-1pm, no Fri/Sun events. (Location - Arthur Goodman Park, 1200 S. Trade St. Matthews, N.C. Tball fields #6)

  8. Season ends of TBD timeframe

Don’t hesitate to call/email me.  All questions are important – Danielle Meadows - d

Danielle's bio.  Danielle is taking over for her Dad (Dan Buttrey).  Danielle, played 3 competative sports growing up in the Matthews area. Graduated from Providence High in 2004.  Graduated from Auburn University in 2008; married Kyle who coaches at Mara (AA). They have 3 boys - (ages 7,5,1). Danielle's younger brother Ty, plays major league baseball for the LA Angels. He went through the Mara program growing up. She is very organized and we look forward to welcoming her to the MARA family.



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