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Newark Ice Hockey Association (NIHA) is a member in good standing of USA Hockey. NIHA subscribes to all USA Hockey rules and regulations so prescribed in the USA Hockey Rule Book as well as the Guide Book.
NIHA particularly wishes to emphasize the following paragraphs from the forenoted.

  1. 1. “The USA Hockey recommended guidelines for youth hockey encourage a non-competitive environment in which children and youth can learn the basic skills without the distractions that are often associated with an over emphasis on winning. Mastery of the fundamental skills and the fun of playing are essential to the development of a lifelong interest in hockey. Programs must be conducted to accommodate the number who become disenchanted and drop out.”
  2.  “The voluntary guidelines are directed at children's programs, but they must be implemented by adults if they are to influence youth hockey programs. Coaches, parents, administrators, and rink operators must all do their part to ensure that the USA Hockey philosophy and NIHA Standing Rules are upheld.”