Our mission is to provide baseball instruction, skill development and playing opportunities for players in grades 1 through high school in Brookline Massachusetts.

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Fall Baseball

Our fall baseball program provides a convenient, in-town option for players across all skill levels and age groups. Key elements include:

  • In-town Farm, Minor and Major Leagues provide small diamond experiences for players 9-12 years old. The Senior League is the for older players interested in a competitive, big diamond, travel program.
  • Registration usually opens in early June to allow time to create teams and send out schedules several weeks in advance to promote a smooth start to the season.
  • The fall schedule is limited to an assigned weekday practice and/or scrimmage and a Sunday game. When registering, parents are encouraged to highlight known weekday conflicts, which will be honored when assigning teams.

Our three small-diamond, fall leagues – Farm, Minors, and Majors – are focused on instruction and improvement at all levels, with an atmosphere that is more relaxed than our spring or summer programs. League placement is based on a combination of "league age", previous experience, and prior coaches’ evaluations. No tryouts are held. Senior League is an introduction to the big diamond. Due to the shorter days in the fall, a full playoff schedule isn’t practical at the end of the season, but a fun, competitive atmosphere will be promoted during games including the use of umpires in the Minor and Major leagues.

The season starts after Labor Day and ends in late October. Weekday practices will start at 5pm in September and will move to 4:45pm and then 4:30pm, as the days get shorter in October. Sunday games are mostly scheduled in the afternoon with a few late morning games in some leagues. Between religious holidays and Columbus Day, there is usually little time to make up practices or games due to rain, but we always manage to get in a lot of baseball before the kids hang up the cleats for winter.

Our fall baseball program offers a fun and convenient option for all Brookline kids who want to extend their baseball season. Please don’t delay your registration, as we can’t guarantee placement for late registrations. We look forward to seeing you in the fall.

Appeal for Head Coaches

We always need parents willing to take on head coaching responsibilities. If you’ve thought that you would like to be a coach but weren’t sure you had the time, the fall is the ideal season to give it a try given the more modest schedule during the week. If you travel on occasion and don’t think you can make every date, don’t worry. Many parents are willing to be an assistant coach to run a practice or game. If you don’t know how to run a practice, we can teach you. Please indicate your willingness to be a head coach when registering your child.

Leagues and Placement

Please see the league descriptions below and the note at the end of this page for information about determining a player's age. If your child does not fit into one of these groups, is new to Brookline, or has a special consideration not covered here, please use the links below to contact the relevant league organizers to discuss. As with all BYB programs, our fall leagues are open to boys and girls. Tryouts are not required. All teams in the in-town leagues will be assigned a specific weekday evening for a practice and/or scrimmage and will play games on Sunday.

Farm League

For players league age 6-7 yo immediately prior to the fall season the Farm League program is a coach-pitch league. A structured station-based practice format and split squad games maximize the action for players, with no more than 8 kids per side in any game. The program is targeted at both inexperienced players just picking up the sport and experienced players who need more time to work on fundamentals before they move on to kid pitch baseball. We group together kids of similar skill levels for station work and games in order to provide appropriate challenges.

Our goal is to provide players with the fundamental skills they will need to enjoy the sport at higher levels. They will also learn the basic rules of the game, teamwork and sportsmanship. Teams will meet one weekday each week for a clinic style practice and on Sundays for a short practice session followed by a non-competitive game with an instructional focus. All events will likely take place at the Lawrence school playground. If you have any questions, please . Otherwise, just sign up and play!

Minor League

For players league age 8-9 yo immediately prior to the fall season Fall Minors is a kid-pitch league and is a good fit for kids who played AA in the spring. Each team works with a coach and a student-athlete from BHS, and spends half of each practice in a scrimmage with another team. Teams will meet one weekday per week and on Sundays for competitive games. The focus is on skill building for kids who want to play competitive ball in the future but need to improve their tools. If you have any questions, please .

Major League

For players league age 10-11 yo immediately prior to the fall season the focus is on advanced individual skills and game strategies. Each team works with a coach and a student-athlete from BHS, and spends half of each practice in a scrimmage with another team. Teams will meet one weekday per week and on Sundays for competitive games. If you have any questions, please

Senior League

For players league age 12-14 yo immediately prior to the fall season and who have completed Spring Majors or summer 12U baseball, Seniors is a starting place for moving toward the 90’ diamond. Practices are held once a week on a regulation 90' diamond and players are introduced to base leading, stealing, balks, pick-off plays and advanced hitting techniques. Games are played on Sundays and may incorporate travel. For more information, please .

Sean Roberts Challenger Baseball

Click here for information about this program that offers baseball fun for children with a wide range of disabiities. For additional information, please .

Youth Umpire Program

BYB runs a limited youth umpire program in the fall for Sunday games in the Minor and Major Leagues. Because we have training only in the spring, registration for the fall youth umpire program is open only to those with previous BYB youth umpire experience, are in the Knights AAU program, or have played high school baseball. If interested, please  .

Note about player "league age": Because fall baseball aims to develop skills for next year player ages are one year younger than in the Spring and Summer. For example, current 12 yos who played on the small diamond this past Spring and Summer should play in this Fall's Senior League on the big diamond to prepare for Seniors next Spring. Current 11 yos have one more year of eligibility on the small diamond next Spring and can play in Majors this Fall. Determining a player’s “league age” can be confusing in part due to recent changes in the qualifying dates used by Little League Baseball. This chart and this table show a player’s league age by birth date for programs from Spring 2016 through Fall 2016. Current 10 yos encompass a 16 month cohort due to a switch in the qualifying date from April 30 to August 31. Players younger and older than 10 yo use August 31 and April 30 qualifying dates, respectively. We hope this information helps explain player eligibility for specific BYB programs in all seasons.