RCYS is a youth sports program operated on Christian values. Our goal is to provide a safe environment for families that they may enjoy sports and fellowship through various sports. RCYS is a non-profit ministry of Bethel Chrisitan Church.

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Players must wear the league provided jersey for the CURRENT SEASON. RCYS jerseys MUST NOT be modified, cut or changed in anyway. Any Jersey that is cut, modified, etc... must be replaced at the expense (full cost) of the player(approx $35-$40). The player may not be permitted to play until a new jersey is acquired. No refunds will be distributed for players who cant play due to rule or policy violations.

Boys: Baseball pants, shorts, sliding pants with shorts covering them are appropriate. All of the above clothing must be no more than three inches above the knee and may not be tight fitting. (RCYS Committee members discretion)

Girls: Shorts must be modest and loose  not tight. Shorts must not be tight and must come within 3 inches of the knee; which is to say, that the outer most layer of shorts must come to within 3 inches of the knee, regardless of slider shorts being worn underneath. In addition, there MUST NOT be any writing or text on the back of the players shorts or pants.

EVERYONE: For the players safety, no hard jewelry will be allowed.  (Umpires may allow soft jewelry (e.g. string necklace, string bracelets, etc..)

A jersey will be provided by the league and should be worn for each game. A player may not be allowed to participate in the game if they are deemed to be in violation of the dress code. (Umpires Discretion)

IMPORTANT:  Neither RCYS nor its umpires will extend any latitude with respect to dress code. Players will not be given any warnings. If a player arrives at a game and is in violation of the dress code, he/she may not be allowed to play until his/her attire meets the RCYS dress code (at Umpires Discretion based on history).

Umpiring is difficult. Umpires will make mistakes. We do expect everyone to honor the authority of the umpire and understand it is RCYS policy that the umpire is ALWAYS right, even when they might have seemingly missed a call.

It is necessary for every coach, parent and player to respect the umpires so we can maintain the integrity of the game and honor Christ with our actions. Anyone who becomes disrespectful to the umpire, a coach, or player will be asked to leave the park. You will be welcomed back the following week.

In order to set a Godly example for our children in their attitude toward authority, spectators are asked not to yell at, or argue with the umpires or coaches.

Coaches and players are to submit themselves to the authority of the umpires when they enter our ball fields. Please demonstrate that respect for authority by submitting to the authority of the umpires and the RCYS Committee who ultimately bare responsibility for the entire program.

Spectators are not allowed in the dugouts. ONLY official coaches and one team parent are permitted in the dugouts.

Bethel Park is a Tobacco Free Zone. The use of Alcohol and Tobacco products is strictly prohibited within the park and on all church property. This includes ALL Tobacco products (Dip, Snuff, Chewing Tobacco, cigarettes, Cigars, etc ALL TOBACCO products are prohibited.)

The use of ANY profane language will result in ejection from the game and or the park. This also applies to using the Lords name in vain (God Almighty, My God, Jesus Christ, etc are all examples of using the Lords name in vain when used for any purpose other than specific praise, worship and adoration of God.) This set of rules you are now reading may be the ONLY warning you receive regarding this issue.

Please note, our umpires have been instructed to have zero tolerance for violations of league rules including dress code and our code of conduct. Understand that our umpires will be quick to eject people (Players, parents, coaches) from the game (and/or park) for conduct violations.

RCYS respects each person but for the sake of preserving the peace and upholding our high standard of conduct, our umpires have been instructed to enforce these rules aggressively.