Youth Football and Cheerleader Programs in Wilton, CT

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Wilton Youth Cheerleading

Coaches Goals and Expectations



  1. Practices should have Purpose and Direction and should be age-appropriate for the team.
  2. Coaches should Manage and have Control over the squad at practices and games.
  3. Coaches should instill Teamwork and Sportsmanship and should encourage participation by all team members.
  4. Coaches should Teach and Understand Youth Cheering – the fundamentals of the sport & rules and philosophy of the league ensuring readiness and safety of all participants.
  5. Coaches should Communicate effectively with the children (encouraging maximum effort, providing appropriate, balanced feedback, motivating).
  6. Coaches should demonstrate Respect for assistant coaches, cheerleaders and parents
  7. Coaches should give cheerleaders and parents an opportunity to voice feedback and should address concerns as appropriate.
  8. All Coaches should work professionally and with respect with the UCA instructors at the extended fall practices.



  1. To improve each cheerleaders’ confidence, individual skills and  awareness of their role on the team
  2. To have each cheerleader respect all coaches and enjoy the overall cheer experience
  3. To improve your squad as the season progresses and have them perform to their potential given the talent of the participants