Piedmont Community Lacrosse Association is the governing body for recreational lacrosse in the Piedmont Triad area of North Carolina. Piedmont lacrosse lax nc lacrosse nc lax Recreational lacrosse Triad Lacrosse PCLA

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PCLA Jurisdictions and Established Player Rules

   PCLA requires that all players register in their respective jurisdiction and at their proper age group. (All PCLA  members registration systems will be set up to assure proper age placement)  Jurisdictions are defined below. This policy is established to provide a consistent, fair and equitable system for forming member teams under the PCLA umbrella. If a player played out of jurisdiction the previous season they will be grandfather under this rule and may continue to play for their previous team at their option. 

    If a player registers out of jurisdiction, it will be the responsibility of the director of the member team that accepted the registration to notify the parent, PCLA Executive Director and director of the member team where the player should be registered.  Once notified both directors and the Executive Director will address the matter.  If it was a mistake by the parent not knowing where to register their player, the registration will be reversed and the player will register with the proper member team (jurisdictions will be posted on all PCLA members registration).  If the reason for registration is due to any other reason, the PCLA Director will interview the parents to ascertain why they did not register in their appropriate jurisdiction and submit a written report to both directors and the parents.   If the parent purposefully registered with another organization, it will be responsibility of the member team where the player should be register to contact the parent to resolve the matter. 

   The rationale behind this rule is to insure that our members are forming recreational teams and preventing select (travel) teams from forming inside our recreational league.  Player movement from member team to member team is highly discouraged.  There will always be exceptions to this rule, communication is critical from the parents, member team directors and the PCLA Executive Director.

   Please refer to the PCLA Jurisdiction page on the left toolbar for a complete list of organization jurisdictions.