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Program Descriptions

The Harvard Soccer Club requires the efforts of over 40 people in order to deliver a postive soccer experience to more than 500 players, twice a year. This page includes volunteer openings as well as documents describing various volunteer positions and their responsibilities.

For additional information, or to volunteer for a position, contact  , 978-846-3008. 

HSC Volunteer policy (TBD)


Current openings (see detailed job descriptions below)

The club has an immediate need for individuals to participate in the following positions:

  • Volunteer 



Volunteer Positions and Job Descriptions


  • Move Goals
  • Distribute registration forms
  • Fundraising

Seasonal or Annual

  • Age group coordinators
  • Coaches
  • Assistant Coaches
  • Uniform coordinator
  • Equipment coordinator
  • Donut stand

Board positions

  • President (elected)
  • Vice President (elected)
  • Secretary (elected)
  • Member-at large (elected)
  • Coach Coordinator (board appointed)
  • Travel Program Director (board appointed)
  • In-town Program Director (board appointed)