FoCo Lacrosse - Youth lacrosse program in Northern Colorado (Fort Collins)

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Lightning Safety
Once lightning is detected and felt to be within 6 miles (per a lightning detector and/or the Flash-to-Bang test*), all individuals should be cleared from the field and in a safe location. Outdoor activities may not resume until 30 minutes after the last sound of thunder or last flash of lightning.
Safe locations:
  • A solid building with plumbing and electricity
  • Motor vehicles with metal roofs and the windows rolled up:
    • Do not touch the metal framework of the vehicle, the steering wheel, ignition keys, or radio
Unsafe locations:
  • Small covered shelters outside, such as dugouts, bleachers, rain shelters, golf shelters, picnic shelters
  • Areas connected to or near light poles, towers and fences
  • Any location which is the highest point in the area
*Flash-to-bang test:
If there is less than 30 seconds between the sight of lightning and the sound of thunder, lightning is within 6 miles