What is the mission of the Warrenton Youth Soccer Club? The founders of WYSC created the league as a place where children of all ages and abilities could learn about sports while having fun. The emphasis is on learning, teamwork and sportsmanship.

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Spring 2017 Athey Field Lining Schedule


Week-Day/Field Highland/Athey Union Bank #1 Union Bank #2 Fauquier Health # 4 Fauquier Health # 6 Fauquier Health # 5 Fauquier Health # 7
Week of April 17-21              
04/20/17       McCormick/U08-C-25-Moore McCormick/U08-C-25-Moore    
04/21/17 Owens/U16-B-06-Shearer Yasmin Yasmin     Bovee/U10-B-15-Fortune Bovee/U10-B-15-Fortune
Week of April 24-28              
04/25/17       Davis/U08-C-02-Werner Davis/U08-C-02-Werner Burnett/U10-B-13-Garcia Burnett/U10-B-13-Garcia
04/27/17 Derby/U16-G-02-Babish Aragon/U12-B-05-Zarabi          
04/28/17     Moore/U12-B-01-Crews        
Week of May 1-5              
05/02/17       Fiad/U08-C-01-Makinson Fiad/U08-C-01-Makinson Foreman/U10-B-06-Blanco-Alcala Foreman/U10-B-06-Blanco-Alcala
05/03/17   Andersen/U10-B-01-Williamson Lifson/U13-G-03-Trump        
05/04/17 Harrington/U16-G-02-Babish            
Week of May 8-12              
05/11/17 Woods/U16-G-03-Vereen     Miller/U08-C-24-Kiernan Miller/U08-C-24-Kiernan Hebert/U10-G-17-Gardner Hebert/U10-G-17-Gardner
05/12/17   Janickey/U13-G-05-Sutton Peitler/U13-G-05-Sutton        
Week of May 15-19              
05/17/17 Thurston/U16-B-01-Garcia     Stone/U08-C-27-Westmoreland Stone/U08-C-27-Westmoreland Stubbs/U10-B-01-Williamson Stubbs/U10-B-01-Williamson
05/18/17   Salinas/U13-G-07-Navin Stone/U13-G-07-Navin        
Week of May 22-26              
05/23/17       Davis/U08-C-02-Werner Davis/U08-C-02-Werner Wilcox/U10-G-01-Stone Wilcox/U10-G-01-Stone
05/26/17 Stockmaster/U16-G-01-Caron Wilkemeyer/U13-G-01-Okyere          
Week of May 29-June 2              
06/01/17   Aragon/U12-B-05-Zarabi   McCormick/U08-C-25-Moore McCormick/U08-C-25-Moore    
06/02/17 Sothen/U16-G-03-Vereen   Moore/U12-B-01-Crews     Frye/U10-G-03-Shearer Frye/U10-G-03-Shearer



Painting supplies are located in the white shed closest to the Fauquier Health Fields at the Athey Complex.

There is a lock on the shed.  I will give you the combination if you do not already know it.

You will need a paint machine and a box of paint.  The box rests comfortably on the machine so you will not need to carry paint.

The machine handle's height can be adjusted.  Please make sure you have the handle set at the highest setting - this allows for the widest line to be painted.

Each line should be painted twice, painting in one direction and then in the opposite direction, to allow for the best coverage.

Take your time - this will help to keep your lines as straight as possible!

It is extremely important that you paint on your assigned day.  We rely on your cooperation.  Failure to paint on your assigned day will result in losing your practice privileges at Athey!