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 Athlete/Parent Code of Conduct


SLAP is a water polo community whose values include respect and dignity for all.  When SLAP members are out in various settings they are expected to live out those values in order to uphold the club’s reputation. 

We always have awesome groups of athletes who travel on behalf of SLAP.  From past trips we know that we can count on our SLAP teams to represent the club in the best manner possible.  For those who are new to traveling with a SLAP team, please keep in mind the following expectations of a SLAP representative:

·       We, athletes and parents alike, will treat other teams’ athletes and parents, referees, and anyone else involved in the event with respect and dignity.  We cannot control the behavior or language of others, but we can control the language and behavior of ourselves.


·       When in the hotel, we will be respectful of hotel property and the other hotel guests.  We will not run around hotels and be boisterous and we will pick up after ourselves.  We want to be invited back to the hotels for future events and we want everyone that we come in contact with to know that SLAP athletes are polite and courteous in all situations.


·       In order to be well rested and prepared for the games the coaches will set a curfew, for each team, to which the athletes are expected to adhere.  The coaching staff will be reinforcing this curfew. Parents of athletes who are not staying in team rooms are asked to ensure that their athletes adhere to this curfew.


·      When traveling as a team, athletes are expected to ride in the team van / cars to and from events.  We appreciate parents who want to help out, but we want the teams to be together at all times.  Parents, who are staying at different hotels with their athlete, can pick their child up at the team hotel when the team van drops the team off at the team hotel.


·        Atheltes are expected to participate in team activities, lunches and dinners.  Parents are welcomed to join the team activities, lunches and/or dinners if they choose.


If athletes and parents choose to disregard the team expectations, consequences will ensue (to the discretion of the team coach) up to and potentially including dismissal from games and other event activities.