FoCo Lacrosse - Youth lacrosse program in Northern Colorado (Fort Collins)

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Wall Ball

Wall ball is the best way to improve your stick skills to the level you’ll need to have the most fun playing lacrosse.
The best players hit the wall every day!

• Use a concrete or brick wall at a school, gym, tennis court, etc.
• Use a tennis ball if you don’t have a lacrosse ball (or aren’t allowed to use one)
• Wear your lacrosse gloves = better (gloves+helmet = best)

Suggested wall-ball routine:

Stand about 5 yards from the wall and do each of the following 25 times right-handed and 25 times left-handed:

  • Regular pass & catch (The Lacrosse Network/youtube/1-min)
  • Switch hands after catch (The Lacrosse Network/youtube/1-min)
  • Switch hands after pass (The Lacrosse Network/youtube/1-min)
  • Quick sticks (The Lacrosse Network/youtube/1-min)
  • One-handed:
  • Cross-handed catch (The Lacrosse Network/youtube/1-min)
  • On the move (The Lacrosse Network/youtube/1-min)
  • Repeat the above drills until 20 minutes are up, or add in more challenging drills like the following:
    • passing/catching off of a dodge or a stick fake
    • hitting a target on the wall from 20 yards away (standing still AND on the run)
    • pass normal but catch over-the-shoulder
    • “awkward” passes - right-handed pass with right shoulder closest to wall (& vice versa)
    • trick passes (side-arm, under-arm, shovel, behind-the-back, and around-the-world)


Examples of other wall-ball routines:

  • Nick Myers - head coach at Ohio State University (vimeo/9-min)
  • Lucas Boland - 3X All-American at Johns Hopkins (youtube/9-min)
  • Brendan Mundorf - 2012 MLL MVP (vimeo/8-min)
  • Connor Martin - MCLA player of the year at Chapman University (youtube/3-min)
  • Thelaxcoach (youtube/4-min)
  • Kylor Berkman - D3 player of the year at Salisbury (youtube/7-min)
  • Jordan Wolf - 4X All-American at Duke (youtube/2-min)
  • Marcus Holman - member of Team USA 2014 (youtube/2-min)
  • Joe Walters - 4X All-American at Maryland (youtube/2-min)
  • Search youtube ("lacrosse wall ball") for lots of other examples!