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Coaching Requirements

  • You must have ASEP Certification  in order to coach in our program.  There are 2 required courses for basketball. Click on the ASEP Course for necessary details.
  • All coaches must attend the required environment training for Responsible Relationships in Ministry:  "Safe Haven".  Instructions for the online training:
    • Go to  https://manchester.cmgconnect.org

    • Click on “Register for a New Account” and provide the requested information.

    • Click ‘Start Curriculum.’ The steps you need to complete will be listed on the left hand side of your screen. You must proceed in the order in which they are listed. Once a section or step is completed, it will show as ‘Done.’

    • IMPORTANT: There are 3 videos. Once you begin watching a video, you must watch it through to the end. Once a step is marked ‘Done’, you may leave the training and log in to complete the remaining steps at another time.

    • Once you have completed all of the assigned steps, you can access your completion certificate by returning to the training dashboard and clicking ‘Download Certificate.’

  • Bring a completed Criminal Record Release Authorization Form and completed Volunteer Application to your parish office or give to your athletic director.  Having the Criminal Release Form notarized is no longer necessary.

Roster Check Requirements (not yet updated for the 2021-2022 season)