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League Athletics How To Documents

  1. Login to League Athletics for the First Time
  2. SI Play Mobile App
  3. How to Update Parent/Player Information (for parents)
  4. Team Page Orientation
  5. Setup Google Calendar Feed for team schedule
    • Google Calendar Sync: Login to google and then use this link to see what google calendars you are syncing with
  6. Reset the Mobile App: good idea to do at the beginning of the season for existing users
  7. How to switch seasons in the League Athletics mobile app

Team Manager Links

Jones Turf Field Map

Stats Tracker Form: Download this form for keeping track of stats for each game

How to Enter Stats and Scores into League Athletics



Game Scheduling in League Athletics

Messaging Your Team in League Athletics

Grasshopper Indoor Links

Grasshopper Liability Waiver: Each winter player must complete and return prior to first game

Winter League Rules at Grasshopper