Board Member Information:

Thank you for your interest in assisting your Association and willingness to run as a Board member.

Sno-King’s success is largely due to the incredible volunteers who contribute time, energy and resources to help in our operations. The Board of Directors are volunteers and therefore they do not receive compensation. As the Board is responsible for the leadership of all aspects of the Association, they are called upon to take into account the interests of the Association as a whole and will deal with a multitude of issues involved with the financial, business and operational aspects of the Association. A Board member should expect to contribute between 15 and 20 volunteer hours a month or more toward fulfilling the responsibilities of a Director.  There is a Code of Conduct that guides the behavior of the Board. 

Sno-King is a complex enterprise with many facets of operations so it is both an exciting challenge and an extremely rewarding experience to serve on the Board while leading the organization to fulfill its mission of Building Players for Life. We appreciate and welcome anyone interested in volunteering to be a member of the Board

The main areas that we ask Board members to be active is as members of the Board committees dedicated to specific needs of the Association.


The Association currently has the following committees.  It’s the Associations’ President who assigns the chairs and members of each of the committees.  The chairs and members do not have to be board members.  

The main committees of our association are

9.1.2 Finance Committee. This Committee is responsible for financial statements, books and records of accounts, financial planning, budgeting, and financial policy.

9.1.3 Hockey Committee. This Committee will be chaired by the Vice-President and members will include coaches and others as appointed by the President.  This Committee is responsible for creation of all policies related to hockey programs, including coach and player participation and development; recruiting, training, and selecting coaches in consultation with Hockey Director; and coordinating and operating SKAHA tournaments. 

9.1.4 Planning and Building Committee. This Committee is responsible for making recommendations to the Board of Directors regarding maintenance and improvement of SKAHA facilities.

9.1.5 Marketing Committee. This committee is responsible for the marketing and promotion of SKAHA, including advertising, public relations, and sales.

9.1.6 Bylaws & Policies Committee. This committee is responsible for recommending amendments and/or revisions to SKAHA’s Bylaws and Policies.

9.1.7 Scholarship Committee. This committee is responsible for oversight of scholarships, including reviewing applications and requirements and informing members of scholarship opportunities.

9.1.8 Fundraising Committee. This committee is responsible for raising and increasing charitable contributions to SKAHA.

9.1.9 Technology Committee. This committee is responsible for the technical needs of SKAHA, including computers, websites, telephones, and other electronic media.

9.1.10 Spirit and Branding Committee. This committee is responsible for standardizing the “look” of SKAHA, including apparel, logos, and other memorabilia.

9.2 Other Committees. The President may appoint such other committees as may be necessary to assist the Board of Directors in carrying out the various functions of SKAHA.

Board Meetings

Meetings are typically held the 3rd Monday of the month at the Kirkland Arena at 7:00 PM.   Board members are expected to be at all/most of the meetings.  As per Association Bylaws, If a Board member misses 4 meetings they are automatically removed from the Board.  They may re-apply to the rest of the Board to reinstate them and must be voted back in by a majority vote of the Board.

A copy of the Associations’ Bylaws and Policies can be found on the association website.  Please read those to understand the rules that govern the Board.

Still interested in helping out? Great! Here’s the process.

  • An email is sent to the Association announcing opening of nominations.
  • Members who wish to be candidates for the board submit a brief statement of what they feel they can bring to the Association by being on the Board.  The deadline for submission of names for the ballot is Tuesday, April 10, 2018
  • Candidates whose nominations have been submitted to the Secretary by the deadline to appear on the elections ballot shall be permitted to provide a statement to the Secretary for publication on the website, not in excess of 600 words.
  • Absentee ballots will be available to be mailed to members or picked up in person based on member request by April 15, 2018
  • Elections will be held at the general membership meeting Sunday, May 6, 2018.  At that point you’ll have 2 minutes to speak on your behalf.

Still want to help but can’t make the commitment to be on the board?  There are other ways that you can help your association.

  • Serve on a committee.  If you have specific experience/skills that you think would help with one of the committees, then contact your association President or the committee chair to see how you can help.
  • Volunteer to help with one of our many programs or events such as tournaments, tryouts/evaluations, fitting beginners with equipment, our annual auction, and other fundraising events.
  • Serve as a divisional representative.  Division reps are responsible for being the first point of contact for questions from the association at their level of responsibility and for helping ensure the season runs smoothly.  Contact the office for a full job description.   
  • Be a team manager.  Help ensure your teams success by keeping things running smoothly off the ice.  Contact your coach at the beginning of the season to volunteer for this role.