of Freehold, NY (1I5)
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A Flight to Lee, MA (and landout)

by Robert M Cox Sr

Tried to make AQW Saturday, 08 July. Up for 4.1 hours. Made GBR at 5.5 kmsl 2h20m into flite although, prior to that, almost landed in Millerton, NY and Gus Graf's field west of Canaan. In Millerton, I had a field selected and had gear down when on base leg ran into a booming thermal which I worked back up to 5500 msl. Sky looked great immediately south of Greylock, blue hole between GBR and PSF. Orbited GBR trying to decide whether to return to 11N or land at GBR. In meantime, the blue hole started filling in with cu's so I decided to press on. However, after crossing the MASS Pike, cu's started to change into a weird shape, had a distinct downturn to leeward side. Ended up sinking low over the valley Rte 7 passes through. Every bit of lift I tried would not get me over 3100 msl. Worked valley for approx 45-50 minutes. Ended up landing out in hay (4 ft) on the Lenox/Lee border in MA just past the Lenox rest area on the MASS Pike approx 9 nm SE of PSF. Could not make PSF because mountain was in the way and could not get over 3100 msl. I think wave suppression had set in that area. Too late to get the trailer up there before dark. Was in comm with Lee, Linda, and Mike Clarke in N. Adams by radio and cell phone. Bill Kenyon came down with tie downs and helped me tie down. Esteban Draganovic was going back home so he stopped to pick me up and dropped me back at Candlelight. Got home around 11PM. Up at 6AM today, picked up trailer at Candlelight, drove to landout, derigged with help of a very friendly local family. Got home with trailer and glider 2:30PM. Tore off forward half of LH gear door. Will have to fab a new one. In interim, going to try to adapt something from thermoplastic sheet.