To help girls in grades 1-8 who live in Dover or Sherborn learn to play and enjoy lacrosse.

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Playing time and positions

Playing time
DS Girls Lacrosse coaches will do their best to provide equal playing time to girls within each game and across the season.  Exceptions to this may include players not showing commitment to their team or players not adhering to the player contract they signed.  

Playing positions
Additionally, DS Girls Lacrosse believes in developing the "whole player."  We believe that over time, all girls should learn to play all positions (including goalie if they are willing).  Having an appreciation for what is required at each position elevates an individual player's skills and also the team's game play.  

Therefore, our overall goal is to play all girls in attack, midfield and defense during the season.  However, each coaches' top priority is to enable all girls to find success on the lacrosse field, keeping in mind that "success" is defined differently for each player. 

For example, early in their lacrosse careers, girls may only play one position during a game, with the positions balancing out through the season.  Some girls may not be ready for high-running midfield positions.  As players mature, they may gravitate toward one area of the field.  Our coaches take all of these factors into consideration so that each player can enjoy and benefit from her game experiences.