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Back Pressure
The work ethic without the puck is awesome. Eaves works hard to provide back pressure and ultimately steals the puck and heads back up ice. Notice when he gets the puck how he pushes it in open ice and doesn't stick handle.
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Deception - The Lookoff
The perfect clip to show how deception frees up time and space. Gostisbehere looks off the pass with his eyes and body to free up space for the shot and goal.
Give & Go - moving to open space
Here we have a simple give and go. Ghost passes the puck and then moves to open space. Giroux gives him a no-look saucer pass right on the tape for beautiful one-timer. Game over......
USA Hockey, in collaboration with Applied Cognitive Engineering, created the Hockey IntelliGym. It was originally developed by cognitive psychologists, computer engineers, and game theorists to develop precise instincts in military fighter pilots. Resembling a video game with cognitive scenarios similar to what players will experience on the ice, the IntelliGym trains the decision-making skills necessary to stay one step ahead of the puck and the game.
Jack Eichel - skating technique
Here's a clip of NHL rookie Jack Eichel scoring a shorthanded goal that shows everything we look for in a skating start (up on toes), power stride while pushing the puck in open ice, and then quick release shot for a goal. Notice how he starts up on his toes with 3 quick strides before hitting his full stride. He doesn't stick handle until the very last second but instead pushes the puck in front of him to maintain maximum speed, and has tremendous power generation from his toe push on each stride.
Jeff Blashill - Earn it Every Day
Now Detroit Red Wing Coach Jeff Blashill speaking to Red Wing Prospects......
Puck Protection 101 - Gustav Nyquist
Change of direction, patience, keeping the defender on his back, constantly moving his feet, wide base (feet not together), deceptive move, quick release shot.........this clip has it all. This is how you protect the puck! And you can't do any of it without mastery of your outside edge.
Screening the Goalie
Wayne Simmonds displays here how to "take the goalie's eyes away". Great net front presence takes Holtby's vision away as the one-timer comes in from the Ghost.
Tarasenko - puck protection and deception
Things to watch: Tarasenko opens his hips (stutter step) to get the defenseman to bite giving him a step on the defender.....all while protecting the puck to the outside. He finishes with a power drive to the net and a quick shot upstairs.
The Beauty of Hockey in Motion - HSA
HSA End of Year Video - Balance, Agility, Speed, Power, Vision
The Escape
Hips open up, left foot lifts, stick leads the way, right elbow up with hands away from body, head stays level........escaping from the opposition.
Time & Space with Patrick Kane
As soon as Patrick Kane sees his defenseman gain possession he jumps to open space for the outlet pass. Panarin has his head up and sees him hit the "seam".....a one time pass sends him on a breakaway
Triangle Attack - Chicago Blackhawks
Saad, Richards, and Kane execute the perfect triangle attack to seal the Cup last year. Drive wide, spread out the D, drop to trailer, deceptive play by Richards (not looking at Kane freezes the goalie), and then pass to Kane who has opened up for a one-timer.