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Coach requirements, documents, and deadlines
by Master Admin posted 11/1/2016

2021 update: MMOG is prepared to offer Virtus training if sufficient volunteers require the training.  Sign up by following the VIRTUS link below and you can train at other locations nearby.


There are a several requirements that need to be satisfied before we get started this season with coaching.

As you know, there are 6 requirements of all coaches - VIRTUS training, Fingerprinting/background check, and National Federation of State High School Associations ( training are the primary focus - without these you cannot coach this season.


This is a one time classroom training requirement with follow-up articles sent to your email.

To register for offered sessions simply follow this link and then select a session that works in your schedule. 

2) Fingerprinting and background check

If you are brand new to the program then you will need to complete below form and schedule an appointment for fingerprinting.

Service Code: 2F1J3Y

Contributor Case Number: MET036


What if your background check has expired?

The background check is good for 3 years, almost everyone needs to renew.  This does not mean you have to be fingerprinted again!  Visit the Parish Office and see Peter to sign the blue form. We are hoping to have these forms available at the Coach's meeting on 10/24 also.  MMOG takes care of the rest!

3) NFHSLearn training sessions

The final requirement for all coaches to complete is a series of 3 online training sessions.  First you will need to go to and register for an account.  Once you have your account then you will need to add the following 3 courses to your course list and complete them.


Once you have completed the courses print out your certificates and send or deliver them to the Parish Office or email as an attachment to

In addition to the above coach requirements there are a few other Diocesan volunteer recordkeeping requirements that are maintained at the Parish:


Volunteer Application

Please complete this application and send it to the Parish Office.


Code of Pastoral Conduct Acknowledgement

Please read the Code of Pastoral Conduct at this link.


When you have completed this then fill out the acknowledgement form and return to the Parish Office.


Coaches Responsibilities

Please read, sign and return this form to the Parish Office.

Zero tolerance policy

Please remember that we discussed why there the Diocese has instituted a zero tolerance policy.  The Diocese is being audited and that means we will be too.  Any coaches who cannot get these requirements completed before the season starts will not be able to coach this year.


Next Steps:

We will be sending a link to the Smartsheet so that you know who what your status is for each of these requirements.  We have included assistant coaches that were provided to us.  If there are any other coaches please let us know ASAP in order to give them time to meet all of these requirements as well.


Thanks for all you do for our program and our kids!




Microsoft Word file 2018-19 Diocesan League Rules-  The 2018-2019 Diocese of Metuchen rules for 4th-8th grade play.

Adobe PDF file Managing Playing Time *-  Tips for coaches to manage larger rosters (12+ players)

Microsoft Word file Site Management *

Microsoft Word file Turkey Classic Rules *-  Here are the rules for the exhibition being held on 11/18/17-11/19/17.

*Note some or all of the preceding documents can be downloaded and displayed and/or printed in Adobe's Acrobat format.  If you do not have Adobe's free Acrobat Reader software, download it now.