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A list of partners and add-ons that you can use with

                        Site Management                         Scheduling                         Referee Management                         Payment Processing                         Background Checks                    

Website Management


These companies specialize in managing websites. If your club would like to outsource your website administration, these are the gurus.

                            Robert Conway (Duxbury, MA)
                            (617) 930-0875                        
                            TeamsCompete (Acton, MA)
                            (978) 393-1775                        
                            Dina Boyd (Morganton, NC)
                (828) 442-2702                        
                            Tim Donohue (New Jersey & NYC Metro area)
                (973) 581-1424                        
                            Eric Korb (Warren, NJ)
                (908) 769-4252                        
                            Kent Kramer (Minneapolis, MN)
                (612) 669-1580                        
                            Doug Lindland (Serving all of New England)
                (978) 468-2040                        
                            SportSite Online Store Management
                            (Westport, CT)
                                                        The Computer Guy (Bridgewater, MA)
                            Carol Ward (Berthoud, CO)
                            Jeremy Purcell (Northern Virginia)
                            Patrick Wiseman (Rochester, NY)
                (585) 415-1932                        
                            Jodi Sacchetta (Weston, CT)
                (203) 293-4229                        
                            Mike Gearin (Vernon, CT)
                (860) 202-2072                        
                            Rob Galan (New England)
                            (603) 438-8880                        
                            Michael Puckett (Southeast)
                            (615) 438-1026                        
                           Digital Maids
781 816 3386                        

Scheduling Software


These companies specialize in scheduling software that is compatible with

                                    Diamond Scheduler                                
                                    Diamond Scheduler
                                    Splendid City
                                    by Niagara Software                                

Referee Software


These companies specialize in referee scheduling software that is compatible with

                                    Arbiter Sports                                
                                    Arbiter Sports

                                        As the easiest and most efficient way to manage and assign officials, the ArbiterSports assigning system, ArbiterOne, has led the industry since 1984. Nearly 4,000 leagues and associations ranging from 6 to 21,000 officials currently trust the system to manage every detail of 5 million annual assignments.                                    


Payment Processing

Stress-Free Electronic Payments

One of the toughest parts to sports team management used to be collecting money from all of the players. Not anymore. League Athletics takes the stress out of collecting payments with electronic processing. Give your league members the option to pay online by credit card. It's safe and easy. Select easyMerchant from or your own merchant account. If you take cash and paper checks, just add them into the system for your records.