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No Sr Travel Clinic Today, Monday, Jan 26

NO Senior Division TRAVEL Team Clinic today due to the snow.

Feb 2 is the first tryout date. 


by posted 01/26/2015
Sr Division Select/TRAVEL tryout info


The WHGL Sr TRAVEL Team is a carved out team where players will only play for the Travel Team and not play for a WHGL team. The TRAVEL Team will most likely play 12 games and three jamborees but not play in the WH All Town Jamboree at the end of the season.  

SENIOR TRAVEL TEAM COMMITMENT: The Sr TRAVEL Team will meet at least four times per week.  We will practice 2-3 times per week (Tues, Thursday at HALL HS and either Sat and/or Sun on the turf field at HALL, depending on the game schedule).  VERY IMPORTANT: if you plan to tryout for the TRAVEL Team you are doing so with the understanding that this Team will be your priority sport/team/activity for the 10 week season.  While we don't recommend playing two sports during any one season, if the player decides so then she is committing that she WILL attend at least 75% of all Sr TRAVEL Team practices and games (barring illness, family emergency, etc). This team is for committed lacrosse players that want to focus on getting better as lax players in preparation for high school. The TRAVEL team does not mean the best lacrosse players in town, rather, it is for those that want to do more with the sport.  Making the team or not making the team is NO INDICATION of the player's ability to be successful in high school. 

TRYOUTS FOR THE SENIOR TRAVEL TEAM: No cost for any of the tryouts. You must be registered with WHGL (registered or wait listed) to tryout. All tryouts will take place at the Courtside Sports Center in Harwington, CT, approx 15 miles from WH.

First Meeting is NOT a tryout: Monday, January 26, 6pm to 8pm, Courtside Sports Center,  will be open to anyone in the WHGL Sr Division (registered or wait listed) interested in the Travel team. Great chance to blow off the rust and see what we will be running during tryouts.

Second, Third and Fourth Meetings: Mon, Feb 2 (6-8pm), Mon Feb 9 (6-8pm), Sun Feb 22 (10am-12pm) at Courtside. There will be THREE TRYOUT dates and you only have to attend TWO of them. You are welcome to attend all three but the evaluators MUST SEE YOU AT TWO EVENTS to rate you for the team. 

TRYOUT BY POSITION: We will be evaluating the players by position; goalie, attack, midfield, defense.  You will sign up for one when you enter the tryout. It is ok if you are not sure what position is best for you, there will be an undecided spot and we will rate you on your ability to play any three of them (not goalie for field players). We will carry roughly 18-20 field players and 2 goalies.

EVALUATORS: We will have independent evaluators from outside of WH at our tryouts. It will be a mix of youth coaches/leaders from other towns, high school coaches and even a college coach. E

EXTRA COST FOR THE SENIOR TRAVEL TEAM: There will be an extra cost of $100 for the TRAVEL Team over and above the regular fee for WHGL.  

by posted 01/20/2015
2015 WH Girls Lacrosse REGISTRATION IS OPEN!

Hi Everyone,

The registration for the 2015 spring season of the West Hartford Girls' Lacrosse League is OPEN. Spots are limited so sign up now! Tell your friends too as their parents may not read email.

Go to:

Click on Register Online on the left side of the page on the vertical tab bar

Enter your email and password (leave password blank if you don't remember it and the system will send you a reminder)

Click on the appropriate division and follow the steps.

We can't wait to get started in March, but until then, enjoy your winter sport and the holiday season and keep throwing and catching. More to come from WHGL soon!

Thanks all


by posted 12/01/2014
Registration for the 2015 season opens tomorrow!!

Hello WHGL Players and Parents,

It is that time of year again and registration for the 2015 season opens tomorrow, Monday, December 1. There are going to be some changes in the league that I am excited to share with all of you. It is important for all of you to know that these changes came from multiple meetings of the WHGL Board where we looked closely at our current state and thoughtfully discussed changes that we feel strongly will continue to make our league an even better experience for our girls.

One of the first areas we looked at was our player assessment and team selection as our goal is to put balanced teams on the field whether we are playing in house or in the CVGYL. To that end we have decided to implement assessment days in March, so the coaches can assess the players and have that information to use when team selection happens to ensure our teams are balanced. We have currently designated the weekend of 3/21 and 3/22 as our assessment days for the bantam, junior and senior players with a backup date of 3/28-3/29. That will allow us to have our team selections completed by early April, our target date being 4/4. We will send out reminders in late February/ early March with the specific date and time for the different levels. The season itself will not begin officially until late April with practices only and then games will run from May 1 to June 8, which keeps us in line with the CVGYL season. There will be no changes to the instructional level.

Another area we spent significant time discussing was the select options at the junior and senior level. I am pleased to announce that the WHGL Board voted for Jamie Czajkowski, former WHGL President, former CVGYL President and most importantly WHGL coach of 11 years to lead the Select Program. Jamie came to us with a proposal that we believe will best serve our committed players at the junior and senior level. The Junior Select team will take the same approach it has for the past ten years; the Jr Select Team will be in addition to the player's regular team. The Senior Committed Team, however, will have significant changes. The Senior Committed Team will now be a separate, carved out team where players will only play for the Senior Committed Team. They will play a more aggressive game and jamboree schedule and travel a bit more than the WHGL/CVGYL Senior Teams. We will conduct a variety of assessment practices early next year and interested players will need to attend two of the three tryout sessions that will be offered in Feb and early March. All coaches for the Select teams will pass certain levels of US Lacrosse coaching certification as well as youth lacrosse referee training. There will be an extra charge assessed to players that make the Select Teams to offset the extra games and practice clothing that will be given out (both Select Teams will wear the same uniforms as the WHGL teams). IMPORTANT NOTE: Every player must register with WHGL in their age division FIRST and then will be eligible to try out for the Select/Committed teams. So, please register for WHGL now atwww.whgirlslax.comand click on REGISTER ONLINE on the left side of the page starting DEC 1.

Finally, we voted to have new uniforms that are a significant upgrade from our former reversible top and shorts to a racer back top and skort for only $5 more than the old version. Our girls are going to look as amazing as they play!

Parents, your help makes this league what it is, so I am asking you to please consider volunteering to coach. We have discussed ways to enhance the coaching experience with more support and training, which will be implemented this season. Moms, I am going to make a special plea to all of you because it is important for our girls to have female role models, especially ones with previous lacrosse experience to help them develop as players and young ladies. I began coaching in the league 11 years ago, yes, Jamie and I began together, and my oldest was only 4 at the time and she did not begin until 2nd grade, which was the year all players began back then. She is now a WHGL graduate and I still have a 5th grader in the program. I can honestly say it has been my privilege and pleasure to work with all of the girls who came through my teams at all levels and I hope that you will join us and see what a rewarding experience it can be. Please go to the website and register as a coach, which you need to do separately from your daughter(s) registration. If coaching is not your thing we are in need of a volunteer to fill the treasurer position for the league. John Buyak has been the league treasurer for the past 10 years and we owe him a tremendous thank you for the wonderful job he did in this position! His daughters are now both graduates of the WHGL, so he is stepping down. The system we use isa turnkey system with an already established bank account and merchant account (for billing online for registrations). The role is pretty easy as you are just monitoring inflows and out, but the weekly thing we will need during the season is cutting checks for jamborees and referees.The treasurer is part of the WHGL Board and will need to attend the 3-4 meetings held throughout the year. Please contact me if you are interested in taking on this position.

Lastly, players and parents we rely on you to spread the word about our league, even reminders to current players go far as some of us forget when registration is. Registration will remain open from 12/1 to 2/1 or until a level is full. We will have late registration from 2/1-2/15, but that will involve a late fee charge. We will shut down registration fully on 2/15. We are currently looking at 80 spots for the Instructional and senior divisions and 110 for the bantam and junior divisions, so sign up soon before the spots fill up.

Thank you,

Judy Bailey

WHGL President

by posted 11/30/2014
Fields-Direction Status
Duffy School - West Hartford TBD (1/27) 
Duffy School - West Hartford TBD (1/27) 
Hall High School - West Hartford TBD (1/27) 
Hall High School - West Hartford TBD (1/27) 
Hall HS TURF Field - West Hartford OPEN (1/27) 
West Hartford, Hall HS - West Hartford OPEN (1/27) 
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